Good times

So my first Mojo night out is in the books. I have to say I do look forward to many more great times.

I got to Great Times about 10 minutes early figuring everyone was pretty organized so we would start promptly at 7:30. I didn’t see anyone, but then again, not knowing what anyone looked like didn’t help. I finally asked someone if they were with mojo. Thank god, they were. Anyway, putt putt was pretty fun. I think I shot a 101, which I’m told isn’t too bad. Made a few hole in one’s thanks to some very well played shots by Jenn. And I made a pretty good shot out of the rough behind a bush that almost went in. Pretty fun times.

After putt putt, we all went to Ugly Monkey. I about got killed by a crotch rocket who doesn’t know the law about pedestrians having the right of way. Thankfully, I arrived safe and sound. The night at the Monkey was really fun, and I met a few more interesting people, although I probably won’t remember names to well. It’s bad enough that I have a horrible memory, but put alcohol into the mix, and that spells trouble. I do remember telling Helen Keller jokes, and I’m sorry to anyone who was offended.

I know one things for sure, I definetly need to build a tolerance for alcohol. Hangovers suck!!!

One thing that I realized last night was that I’m not really into much. I don’t have any real hobbies besides poker. I’m going to try to get involved in as much as possible with Indy Mojo. I need to find my place and myself.

Just like to thank everyone I met for a great time, and I can’t wait to get involved.