Good People Good Times Brings in the Midwest Favorites

Mainstage at Good People Good times

Mainstage at Good People Good times, Lights by Herm Productions


If you’re a Midwest local and looking for a festival to call home year and year again, check out Good People Good Times. This was the fourth year for the event, and after the turn out this year, I’m sure we will see it again and again.

This local event was held June 6th and 7th at Explore Brown County in Nashville, Indiana. This is a beautiful venue in the lovely hills of southern Indiana. This venue features a quaint historical cabin village at the front, a small stage area, and a beautiful lake in the back where festival-goers can rent canoes and swim. This is a perfect venue for an event this size, which was capped off at about 800 people and very family friendly.DSC_3380

This two day festival featured many local  favorites- 24 bands for a gate ticket price of $50 and all of the Midwest family lovin’ you could ask for. There were plenty of vendors with all sorts of sparkly jewelry, clothing, and delicious food. The “Shake Down Street” was beautifully decorated and populated with local painters amongst bright tie dye stands and second hand thrift stores.

Friday night was a lovely summer night to spend outside. It was clear and cool, with that summer smell lingering in the air. I arrived just in time to see the brains of this operation play his solo set. Derick Howard is a local one-man-band with a sound and style comparable to Keller Williams. He uses a loop pedal and multiple instruments to create a sound that seems like it should be coming from a full band. Derick Howard is a local musician that plays with Howard, Lewis & Lovins, but his solo sets are really a unique experience. It set the tone for a great night of music that never overlaps and never stops.

Ekoostik Hookah headlined Friday night. This is a band twith roots in Ohio that has traveled throughout the Midwest since 1991. They have a very loyal fan base that has followed them throughout the years that can best be described as a dysfunctional family. Hookah has a gritty rock sound that gets everyone in the space moving to the rhythms and features strong, bluesy guitar rifts and soulful piano solos. The light show accented the music well thanks to everyone’s favorite producer of eye candy, Herm Productions. Not only was the lighting on stage impressive, but also in the forest surrounding the concert bowl. It was definitely one of the highlights of the festival.

Friday night closed with a good ole’ blue grass band, Blue Moon Soup. There’s something about dancing around in the summer nights to twangy blue grass that really makes one’s soul come alive. Blue Moon Soup has a special sound that mixes high powered blue grass with psychedelic break downs; it was a perfect addition to the selection of bands featured over the weekend. After a while I wondered back to the lake to watch the sun rise and enjoy the night with some of the amazing people at the Good People Good Times festival. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day.

The Mantras, Saturday June 7th.

The Mantras, Saturday June 7

Day two featured some more amazing local artists such as Hyryder, a local Phish and Grateful Dead cover band that frequents The Mousetrap in Indy. They started the night nice and light, before The Mantras took the stage. The Mantras are from the East Coast and definitely brought a rock show. They played into the

Kaleidoscope Juke Box, Saturday Night

Kaleidoscope Juke Box, Saturday Night

sunset as the lights got brighter and the night time vibes set in. Kaleidoscope Jukebox followed The Mantras with a set of eclectic, tribal, electronic songs, as the crowed prepared for rain.  The Rumpke Mountain Boys played into the rain and storm, not letting the weather break the strong blue grass beats. They played late into the night and beyond the rain storm and the crowd never seemed to dwindle. It was a night filled with energy.

Overall, this was a great weekend filled with great friends and great memories. If you are looking for a place where you can really feel the family energy and what it means to be part of the Midwest community, I suggest you look into Good People Good Times!




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