Good day to go downtown — not!

Today is the big show, and I’m sittin’ here at work in my blue-with-horseshoe business-casual shirt, and tonight I’ll likely be watching the game — at home on TV like the rest of the country.

Only those totally devoted to seeing the performers and/or those with tickets to the game should venture into downtown today. I know the pregame concerts are free, but is it worth the crushing crowds and parking hassles (would have to consider taking the No. 8 bus in, glad I have that option) and how good are the accoustics around Monument Circle anyway?

While it’s nice to go to the dome on occasion (I’ve seen games there), it’s good to see it nearly-free in the living room, where the seats are bigger and comfier and the beer is cheaper.

I’m anticipating a real roller-coaster year for the Colts, a team that is always one injury and one defensive player under- or overperforming away from either greatness or disaster. Severely doubt there will be a Superbowl repeat, but don’t want it to be from lack of trying. The really interesting thing will be to see if the Saints are for real, whether they can build on their success last year or if they peaked in ’06.