Going to the darkside (Jimmy Johns)

If you all don’t already know, I am quite the Subway lover. I’m not even sure if ‘love’ describes the intense relationship that me and the always tasty Subway currently has. I think that it might be more like I’m a coke addict and it’s the white powdery goodness or I’m Rosie O’Donnell and it’s a box of doghnuts. Anyways, you get the idea.

Well, today on my trip downtown to Monument Circle today I decided to make a stop to the darkside – I decided to hit up Jimmy Johns for a samich. I know it sounds crazy, but it was convenient and I was feeling a little wacky, so why not?

The following is a little ditty of how the Jimmy Johns experience went down. Enjoy.

Here is where the move to the darkside began. Subway would be so upset.

I almost didn’t go through with it until they decided to use force. Subway never treats me like this. There’s no shame in JJ’s game.

Well, here goes nothin’. The first bite.

My view during lunch – what an awesome city.

Hey, this stuff isn’t so bad…last bite is always sad.

Ok, so I liked it…big frickin’ deal people. I’m still going to Subway tomorrow.

So there you go – it wasn’t so bad after all…well, not THAT bad. Maybe one of these days I’ll get really crazy and try me some Quizznos?

Is there a place that you eat at all of the time? Don’t be ashamed – leave me comment below and let us all know. We can all be weird together. :)