Go "Back 2 The Future" with Cosmic Gate.

It’s not an audio rendition of the very popular film series but a brand new album of their timeless classics remixed by the world’s finest electronic talents…

Having been driving their sound and style forward over the past few years it’s time to reflect on productions past. Cosmic Gate is in fact two gentlemen who go by the name of Stefan ‘Bossi’ Bossems and Nic Chagall. Both independent producers in there own right but still as passionate as ever in bringing new life into the Cosmic Gate project. For their latest album release they look to a former one with the records that put the name Cosmic Gate on the electronic dance music map. They are really going back to the future, but no help needed from Doc Brown for this one as they have some of the world’s biggest electronic artists on hand.

There old sound is a very different breed to what you expect to hear from the guys today. I’m sure, if you have not already, have a listen to their superb ‘Sign of The Times’ artist album, which has just been released in a special ‘Deluxe’ edition, and then take a listen to originals like ‘Exploration of Space’ and ‘Fire Wire’ you will notice the difference. It’s a fact which the guys were well aware of when looking at this project having so many requests for their old records but juts not having the right sound to fit them in.

With the Deluxe Edition of their mega-selling ‘Sign of the Times’ album now released, world-class production outfit Cosmic Gate (Stefan ‘Bossi’ Bossems and Nic Chagall) decided it was time to take a retrospective remix look at the tracks that shaped the first phase of their musical partnership.

“Back 2 The Future is an album born largely out of a necessity for us” says Bossi. “Wherever we DJ we’re always met with requests to play tracks from the first two Cosmic Gate albums. As time has gone by sounds have changed, music’s changed and it’s become progressively tougher to program many of them into our sets. We still love them; the audience still loves them, but in their current form they no longer sit right… so we decided to remedy the situation.”

Nic continues: “we thought we’d start by testing the water with a couple of tracks that we’d reworked ourselves. The responses we got were really something and that pushed us on towards a full album. Both Bossi and I are continually inspired by many different types of electronic dance music, so whilst we wanted plenty of trance remixes on there, we also felt it would also be good to spread the mixes wide and bring other styles into play”.

From there they collectively drew up a wish-list which came to include some of the world’s most respected remixers. There were assembled and began to update the music that played a key part in the first four years of their careers. The albums ‘Rhytm & Drums’ and ‘No More Sleep’ were the musical resources and across the two long-players eight tracks were selected.

Likely needing no introduction, ‘Fire Wire’ was long ago ushered into the electronic dance music hall of fame. From the trance quarter Rank 1 and the Cosmics themselves have both got to grips with it reworking it using tougher, leaner more minimal methodology, while Wippenberg delivers a more atmospheric, progressive vision. Expanding its range further brothers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike give it a dramatic, thudding tech-elec treatment whilst DJ Delicious (of Till West & DJ Delicious – ‘Same Man’ fame) ups the house ante with spring-loaded bass & funked out, rhythms, turning Fire Wire into a fully fledged (and never previously envisioned!) rump shaker.

Cut originally from much the same musical cloth, ‘Exploration of Space’ has been given a bang-up-to-date trance overhaul from C.G. , while Dirty Herz, works it over into a stripped-back, growling electro thriller and German pair Spencer & Hill plump for an atypical funkin’ version-excursion.

A couple of names on Nic and Bossi‘s remix shortlist also happened to be two of Miami’s best-known producers and, quite by chance, they both elected to revisit the same track. While they might live in the same city, style-wise what they’ve done to 1999’s ‘The Drums’ is worlds apart. Markus Schulz uses bellicose beats, snares, rimshots and modulating synths to bring it into the main room… and for peak-time. On his ‘Juicy Mofo’ Mix, Robbie Rivera lowers ‘The Drums’ tempo and uses a synth stabs and fiery distortion riding atop of rocking beats to create equal amounts of mayhem for bouncier, housier floors.

Jumping forward to 2002 (or Back, depending on which way you look at it!) a trio of bright, young remix things were sent to tackle ‘Human Beings’. Arnej, Estiva and Daniel Kandi have re-pointed the track into tech, melodic and euphoric directions respectively. If you like your trance, bottom line: there’s a remap here for you!

Again emphasizing the broader range of remixology on the album, Russia’s Arty delivers a hypnotizing melodic middle to his mix of ‘Back To Earth’ (2001) but bookends it with thudding, tempestuous beats and wave after wave of distortion. Jochen Miller keeps things smoother in the build, before letting rip with a strident, tubular synth out in the break.

Bringing the compilation to its conclusion, the four final remixers selected their favourites from the C.G. archives. Germany’s Duderstadt takes ‘Raging’ (2000) on an effortlessly beautiful, hypnotic/melodic trip, whilst Russia’s Alexander Popov uses Jan Johnston timeless vocals to give the track a more main-room flavour. John O’Callaghan goes pedal-to-the-production-metal on ‘Melt To The Ocean’ (2000) with a mix that first booms, then pounds, and ultimately reaches force 10 coming out of the drop. Last and by no means least Tobias ‘Cold Blue’ Schuh flexes his production muscles with a bass-racing, pulse-quickening re-rendering of 2002’s ‘The Truth’

SOURCE: Press Release

The new album takes classics from 1999 to 2003 and with a host of very educated and talented artists on cue for the remixes the old dogs will be given a fresh new lease of life. The only downside to this album is it’s not out until the New Year but I’m sure in the months to come many of these will be floating around in DJ sets the world over.



01. Exploration Of Space (Cosmic Gate’s Back 2 The Future Remix)

02. Fire Wire (Cosmic Gate’s Back 2 The Future Remix)

03. Raging feat. Jan Johnston (Duderstadt Remix)

04. Back To Earth (Jochen Miller Remix)

05. Human Beings (Estiva Remix)

06. The Truth (Cold Blue Remix)

07. Fire Wire (Rank 1 Remix)

08. The Drums (Markus Schulz Remix)

09. Melt To The Ocean (John O’Callaghan’s Main Room Remix)


01. Back To Earth (Arty Remix)

02. Fire Wire (Wippenberg Remix)

03. Raging feat. Jan Johnston (Alexander Popov Remix)

04. Exploration Of Space (Spencer & Hill Remix)

05. The Drums (Robbie Rivera Juicy Mofo Remix)

06. Fire Wire (DJ Delicious ReWire Fire Mix)

07. Human Beings (Daniel Kandi’s Human Society Remix)

08. Exploration Of Space (Dirty Herz Rave-O-Lution Remix)

09. Fire Wire (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)

10. Human Beings (Arnej Remix)

RELEASE DATE: January 24th, but you can get an early taste on Thursday, Jan. 20th at Talbott Street!

Our pals from Carpe Noctum and Eden Promotions proudly present…Back 2 The Future with Cosmic Gate – Official Album Release Party!


Presales $15

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21+ w/ Valid ID

On October 14th 2010 you witnessed an amazing performance when ATB rocked out The Vogue for his first ever Indianapolis appearance. Now we are back again with another Top 100 ranked DJ Duo that will be sure to have the dance floor rocking! For the first time ever in Indianapolis, Cosmic Gate will be at Talbott Street on January 20th, and this is definitely going to be another event that you will NOT want to miss! Not to mention that they are considering this their OFFICIAL ALBUM RELEASE PARTY! Back 2 The Future hits store shelves January 24th, and Indianapolis gets a special sneak preview!

Cosmic Gate

Over 10 boundary-pushing years, Nic Chagall and Bossi have evolved Cosmic Gate into one of the most creative and highly-sought-after electronic music acts in the world. Revered uber-producers, their musical acumen has seen them become long-term favourites of the trance’s Big 5 DJs with their 4 hugely-received albums transporting anthems like ‘Body of Conflict’, ,Not Enough Time’, ‘I Feel Wonderful’, ,F.A.V.’, ‘Analog Feel’, or the classics ‘Exploration of Space’ and Fire Wire to the dancefloor. As DJs, their kinetic, blood-pumping live performances are seen by hundreds of thousands of club and festival goers annually. Playing a 100 nights every year, it’s this ever-visible club presence that saw them reach their highest position to-date on the DJ Mag Top 100, landing as highest climbers at No.19 in 2009.

Topher Jones

Topher Jones is a name to be picked out of a crowd, and certainly so is the music tide he’s been riding for the past several years. With big releases coming up in the next year and the smell of major label success with his remix of Foals’ “Spanish Sahara” on Warner Brothers, Topher is taking his passion and energy to a new level, starting a new direction with fresh sounds and raw inspiration.

While he may be mostly known for his hit “Chasing Cars” remix originally by Snow Patrol, Topher has seen success with numerous opening performances for Tiesto and other top 100 DJs. The relationship with Tiesto led to 9 originals and 4 remixes coming out on the dutchman’s own Black Hole, followed up with 7 releases on Spinnin’ Records lead by Sander van Doorn.

James Brooks

Since 2001 James Brooks has been taking over the dance floors in the EDM scene. While his passion still lives and grows for Trance, he has evolved into a strong multi-genre DJ. James found himself the crowd vibes for change during events. That has brought him to add his own twist to each venue he plays. James has turned his focus on the Progressive side of Breaks, House, and yes…even Trance. You may also catch him throwing down one of his Tech-Funk sets. On rare and surprise occasions James plays as a member of Just 3 White Guys. You may even have seen him share the stage with D:Fuse, Phynn, Woody McBride, Sage, Dara, Icey, and Shortee.

Indy Mojo Side Room

Jackola – Tech House

Wes Clay – House/Techno

Neighbz – House



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