Girl Scout Cookies

Okay everyone, the order forms are in my hands!! Kayleigh is now selling her girl scout cookies so we need your help & you know you can’t live without their scrumptious yumminess!

Kayleigh’s sell goal is at least 170 boxes so that she & her troop can go on an overnight trip to a horse ranch, transported there by a stretch hummer limo! We did this last year with the girls and the girls had an amazing time!

Just text me or hotbox me with what you want so I can get your order in. First orders are to be turned in by me on January 24th, with initial delivery on February 8th.

Please help a Mini Mofo out!! :D

As they were last year, each box is $3.50. There are 8 different cookies…

Lemon Chalet Cremes (vanilla sandwich cookie with lemon creme filling)

Trefoils (the old classic shortbread cookie)

Do-Si-Dos (crunchy oatmeal cookie sandwich with peanut butter filling)

Samoas (vanilla cookie covered with caramel, coconut & chocolate)

Dulce de Leche (sweet cookies with milk caramel chips)

Thank U Berry Much *NEW* (cookies with cranberries & creamy, white fudge chips)

Tagalongs (tasty cookies topped with peanut butter & covered in chocolate)

Thin Mints (peppermint wafer covered in chocolate)

Thanks everyone!!