Gettin back in the Grind…Finally!!

So, Monday is quickly approaching…and to tell you the truth…i am SUPER nervous!

For those that are out of the loop…i lost my job at Delta in October…it took many terrible job interviews and a small stint of depression…but i finally got an amazing job!!

I start my new position at Australian Gold on Monday!! I am super excited and nervous and so many other things!! I received the position of Product Development Supervisor…i will be responsible for running the SPF and Sunless tanning division…including eliminating underperforming skus, creating new lotions, knowing our competition, and much more. It’s a similar position that i had at delta…just more responsibility…which is awesome!

I am more excited to finally get back on a routine. I hate not having a set routine…and after two months of no job…my insomnia is at it’s peak. So going back on a set routine and a normal bedtime and such is something i am truly looking forward to…you never realize how much you cherish that until it’s gone!

I am eager to learn this new industry and hope to excel as much as i did at Delta. I missed working so much…

So, my appearances at Mojo events will begin to fade after this week…I wont be gone completely, but I am going to be smarter about how much i go out versus when i worked at delta!

so, this helped get rid of some of the new job butterflies!! Wish me some luck…im pretty sure that i am going to LOVE this job!!

(thanks huntsyle! ;)…)