Get Your Money’s Worth at Cedar Rock, the Midwest’s Longest Haunted Trail


Conveniently located at the Bill Monroe Music Park in Beanblossom, Ind, this haunted attraction has a great, lively atmosphere including a live band playing on stage and lots of family activities. The highlight for me was the Zombie Challenge, an indoor, mostly-dark maze through a zombie-infested house.

It was thrillingly nerve-wracking sliding down narrow, winding hallways with the Walking Dead theme playing loudly on loop and zombies growling in my ear the entire time. The maze isn’t hard, but that’s a good thing since it’s a real challenge to solve puzzles with a biter breathing down your neck.

Entering the longest haunted trail in the Midwest, adrenaline from the last haunt still running through our veins, we walked right into a zombie attack in the wild that quickly escalated into screams of horror and a quick jog into the next leg of the trail.

The haunted trail was a lovely hybrid of the openness of outdoors and smothering sensation of being locked indoors with monsters and villians. The entire trail, which covers 55 acres, is peppered with trailers and mobile homes to offer a variety of things to “go into” while also enjoying a rugged haunt in the outdoors.

puckCedar Rock Haunt Trail is split up in different sections of the campgrounds in Jamestown, Ind. One particular walk-through had endless The Walking Dead theme music and a fun slide . Another walk-through had us on an outdoor path through the woods complete with animatronics and live scarecrows. -Brandon



erin-perkinsAll I can say is they can and will touch you. Cedar Rock Haunted Trail is located at a campgrounds with a live band to give you the feeling people are near, but once you start the trail it’s only you and the glow stick down a pitch black trail.

I also loved the zombie maze, which had me in a panic. The zombies were biting at and grabbing us as we had to navigate through dark bending hallways and tunnels. We had to get on our knees and crawl while zombies were close at our heels. – Erin


brandon-faulknerSet back in the woods and at over a mile long, this haunted trail and its two other attractions really created an immersive and erie experience with plenty of scares and surprises. I like how the environment and sets were rugged and some areas required crawling, sliding or climbing over obstacles to avoid certain death. Foggy graveyards and actors that really delighted in terrifying everyone in the group made this place great.

The Electro Shock Maze was a must see—adding the fear of being shocked to an already creepy environment. But I think my favorite was the Zombie Challenge which really brought the fear of a zombie apocalypse to life. You couldn’t just shake a zombie attack and move on to the next one… zombies continued to follow and accumulate behind and in front of you, sometimes grabbing and pinching you as a kind of reminder that, had this have been a real zombie outbreak, you’d be toast! – Brandon


morgan-faulknerWhen we approached Cedar Rock Haunted Trail I was surprised by the crowd at first, but quickly realized why it was such a popular haunt. With multiple haunted attractions, live music, a hayride and bounce house for the kiddies, you could work your way up to the longest haunted trail in the Midwest by first going through the Electroshock Maze and the seriously scary Zombie Apocalypse Challenge. The Walking Dead intro music really set a chilling vibe for the Zombie Challenge, where the living dead actually touched and grabbed us – this one definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

Once we were in the haunted trail, we were quickly thrust into the first scene with an eerie abandoned police car. We approached slowly, looking up and forward through the fog and darkness, assuming something would come out of the car when an unexpected snarling zombie appeared on the ground at our feet, grabbing for our ankles. Cedar Rock’s actors were completely dedicated to terrifying us, with some of them even chasing us through the trail, or sneaking up behind us just when we thought we’d lost them. – Morgan


Cedar Rock Haunted Trail

Bill Monroe Music Park

Beanblossom, Indiana 46160

Dates & Hours

The Haunted Trail is open every weekend in October, as well as a special Halloween Eve treat on Thursday, October 30th! The last day will be Saturday, November 1.

Fridays & Saturdays | 7:30 pm – midnight

Sundays | 7:30 pm – 10 pm


$25 combo ticket

$17 haunted trail only

$36 fast pass