Gen Con 2012: Day Two

Today we started out at a matinee for “The Expendables 2″, I recorded a quick review in the car, and off to Gen Con we went!

Knowing today was the first day of a new event, the World Cup for Magic the Gathering, we headed right over to see if we could watch it happening live. There is greater exposure online than ever before with webcasting and yet it turned out there was nothing on location for those AT the con to follow! What’s the benefit of being here if you could watch it better online at home? We were told by one lady that on Sunday, you could gather around a modest sized flat screen television to watch some. But if it’s just hanging on the wall, why not use it before then? Pretty annoying. There was a crowd gathering around the camera crew’s view screen on the featured match.


The standings after four rounds had the United States in 17th place, but later on after 7 rounds, the top places internationally were 1st place – Slovak Republic, 2nd place – Spain, 3rd place – Canada (who is having a great year), and 4th place – United States. Each country has a champion that won a gold medal to be there and most of them were wearing them at the event. These champions serve as captain of their country’s team, but the whole team competes for points to get their country up in rankings. U.S. did a good job climbing the boards today!

After the Magic the Gathering hall, we took a turn around the video gaming room where we saw a few open controllers and jumped into a game. Didn’t realize it was nothing like the Street Fighter Turbo I remember playing growing up and I lost epicly. What the heck is up with these Tetris blocks?? And weird timer bombs???

The next event we went to was the Epic Battles in Anime panel run by a friend of our’s and her brother. It was a little like fantasy football. They took characters from three big popular fighting animes: Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, and One Piece. The panel was really packed with around 6o people, 10 of them standing in the back. The format was a lecture on each of two characters in a match up going over their abilities in lots of detail followed by an AMV of both of them fighting…not each other, just characters from their respective series, and then a debate amongst audience members and a vote by show of hands to figure out the “winner.” I only knew the Naruto Shippuden characters, well, the one that was mentioned. There was an epic argument over whether a character that moves several times the speed of sound would beat a character that was the speed of light. Someone got out the internet to settle things (yes, light still wins).

I took a walk around and caught some fun costumes and dragon balloon art!

Last was my favorite event the past two years at Gen Con — Mystery Anime Theater 3000 from Wasabi Anime! This year’s movie was “Sailor Moon Super S” where Chibi-Usa and other children of the world are kidnapped by evil fairies to have their dreams fed to a black dream hole started by a vampire witch space chick unless Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts can save the day. Lots of hilarious, inappropriate humor ensued which is not fit to print, but you should definitely check it out next year if you are able. Films of the past have been “Sailor Moon R” (flowers from space attack and weird alien bromance with Tuxedo Mask) and “Sailor Moon S” (snow queen from space attacks and Luna the cat falls into a scientist and turns human).

And that was pretty much our day! Stay tuned for Day 3 when the big costume contest takes place!…..or else.