Gen Con 2012: Day One

Although there were some events on Wednesday night, today marked the official beginning of Gen Con. This is my sixth Gen Con. SIX. Wow. I have a special memory from each one.

Gen Con 2007: The year we met Hayden Panettiere and she signed our Heroes poster which is framed in our living room.

Gen Con 2008: The year we did Gen Con and Summerslam in ONE day. Epic wedding anniversary celebration.

Gen Con 2009: The year I was a finalist in the Dance Dance Revolution competition and the first time we met Vic Mignogna.

Gen Con 2010: The year I left Gen Con to go to roller derby practice and injured my knee…taking me out of contention for the Dance Dance Revolution competition. :-(

Gen Con 2011: I cosplayed as Holo from the anime, “Spice and Wolf”.

Now here we are at Gen Con 2012. This is the year of cosplaying as Katniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games.” I went all over town putting together my costume. I lucked out that I had just bought the perfect pair of pants a week before I started looking so I had those. I found a pair of dark brown leather knee high boots at Goodwill for $2. Score. I already had a black v-neck long sleeve thermal shirt, another win. I had a mockingjay pin from the movie that Dan bought me when we went to see it in theaters in March. I was striking out on the jacket. I went to Amazon, two Goodwills, Burlington Coat Factory, Target, Kohl’s, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and any other store in the mall that might have something. It being August was a pretty big problem. I broke down and bought the Hunger Games arena jacket from Amazon which cost a pretty penny for such light material, but all day as I was stopped and asked to pose for pictures, I was asked about the jacket and where I got it and if I made it.

I had some trouble with the bow and arrow combo. You can’t bring realistic weapons to Gen Con I learned so I bought the cheapest kid set I could find and it is pretty lame. Even Angel thinks so.

Upon getting to Gen Con, we picked up our press badges and began to explore. First we went hrough the new game testing area and into the Magic the Gathering hall. There are some amazing displays there including a Serra Angel and the trophy case for the World Cup.

Then onto the Vendor Hall. This year in particular, there were many custom costume items. Leather corsets, lots of steam punk, accessories, weapons, a big black long bow I could purchase for $70….

My favorite booth was the Doctor Who themed one with a full size light up Tardis.

At the Westin, all the viewing rooms were set up. There isn’t much of a selection of anime to view this year unfortunately. I was very disappointed with what they had. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I did spend about an hour watching a documentary called “J, Robot” about Japanese robotics and culture. They don’t strive for robots to look human, just childlike or cute. They also believe that working on these robots gives a bit of their soul into their creations. They have a lot of respect for robots and one girl interviewed chirped, “I want robot friends!” Fun and interesting.

Before leaving today, we made sure to find the video game area. Times certainly have changed! It used to be you could play any game you wanted any time if you were patient enough to wait your turn. There was tons of Dance Dance Revolution and Rock Band. Now you have to buy event tickets to spend time in the video game room playing around and the selection has been cut WAY down. Check out the classic video game room:

There are two DDR machines and one DDR knock off game in this room. In the CLASSIC video game room. I feel old.

Compare that with the other video game room which is a little more modern and includes sport games, first person shooters, Madden, Rock Band, and one of those motion capture dancing games that I can’t bring myself to do because moving my arms and legs at the same time is hard work. ;-) It would appear that Smash Bros is still a popular game too which I was happy to see.

After that, we called it a day for today so we’ll have more energy for tomorrow. Still three full days of gaming to go!

Here’s the full album:¬†