Gateway 3: the interviews (part 2)

Continued from Gateway 3: the interviews (part 1)

On Saturday March 31st and Sunday April 1st, Heavy Gun & J. Brookinz hosted a 48-hour marathon recording session during which local emcees from across the city of Indianapolis were invited to stop by at their convenience to write and record a verse for the Gateway 3 album.

For a candid glimpse at the artistic process behind the album’s recording, read The Making of Gateway 3 (part one).

Below are interviews that occurred on Sunday April 1st with some on the artists who you’ll hear on the album. Each respondent was asked a standard set of questions relating to their involvement with The Gateway, followed by a wild card question drawn from a bag.

The complete Gateway 3 project drops on 4/20 at Heavy Gun.

Sunday April 1, 2012

Name: Oreo Jones

ETA at lock-in: I arrived right when they started setting stuff up on Saturday, around 2 o’clock. And back again today on Sunday.

What has been your plan of attack at recording? I mean, the way I’ve been going at it is not really having any expectations at all, really. Just listen to a beat and then go into a corner and put my thoughts on a page.

What’s the last piece of music you bought? When I was in Austin, I saw this band named Prince Rama. It’s these two girls and they’re like, psychedelic rock and very chanty. They’re dope. I really like them a lot.

Other projects you’re working on:

Help me to better understand Black Fabio.

Facebook or Twitter?

Name: Mr. Kinetik

ETA at lock-in: I was here yesterday for a little while. Then I left and returned today because I had another verse to do.

Been involved since Gateway 1?

What would I find in your fridge right now?

Name: Dorsh

ETA at lock-in: yesterday at 3. So, I’d say… about 28 hours ago.

Did you do any recording yesterday? Yes. I recorded a hook on a song called “John Hancock” and a verse on another track.

Side projects: I’ve got an album coming out on May 1st with Rad Summer. It’s called Neapolitan- like the ice cream; a bunch of different flavors all mixed together.

Cake or pie?

How do you want to be similar to J. Brookinz?

Name: Sean Wyatt

ETA at lock-in: about 10 o’clock last night

What’s your strategy in the booth?

Name: Props

ETA at lock-in: today, around 4 p.m.

Other projects: The release date is still to-be-determined on my next project, but it will be called High as the Stars – The Planet of Mars. I’m just trying to finish up some videos and the final mix-down and mastering- that whole process. Once I get that done, I’m going to drop an EP. I pretty much have my next two projects already finished up. So, I’m just trying to put the final touches on them. I have some videos that I’m probably going to start dropping soon, just so I can get the promotions and stuff going.

You live in Seattle and coincidentally happened to be in town the weekend of Gateway 3?

Name: A.C.E. O.N.E.

ETA at lock-in:

Have you been involved with the Gateway project before? Yes, this is actually my second Gateway. This time was able to be a lot more involved and it is awesome.

How do you want to be similar to J. Brookinz?

The Outtake

I asked this guy for an interview a little too soon after a big smoke-out on Saturday night at The Gateway 3 Lock-In.