Gateway 3: the interviews (part 1)

On Saturday March 31st and Sunday April 1st, Heavy Gun & J. Brookinz hosted a 48-hour marathon recording session during which local emcees from across the city of Indianapolis were invited to stop by at their convenience to write and record a verse for the Gateway 3 album.

For a candid glimpse at the artistic process behind the album’s recording, read The Making of Gateway 3 (part one).

Below are interviews that occurred on Saturday March 31st with some on the artists who you’ll hear on the album. Each respondent was asked a standard set of questions relating to their involvement with The Gateway, followed by a wild card question drawn from a bag.

The complete Gateway 3 project drops on 4/20 at Heavy Gun.

Saturday March 31, 2012

Name: Freddie Bunz

Name: Grey Granite

ETA at lock-in: Here since birth; always been here.

Recorded yet? Yes, been in several times. Killin’ it.

Other projects you’re working on: Golden Street Choir Boys take over the world.

Grey’s approach to impromptu recording:

Best food truck in Indy?

If you could be any food, what would you be?

Name: Blake Allee

ETA at lock-in: 11:20 p.m.

How did you get involved with Gateway 3? J. Bookinz, Grey, Troy, and Heavy Gun asked me to be a part of it.

Other projects you’re working on: Working on an album that’s free, so I like to call it a mixtape.

What famous artist is your dream collaboration?

Name: Gritts, of Hinx Jones

ETA at lock-in: 11 p.m.

First time involved with Gateway Project? Yes. I was invited last year but couldn’t get here in time.

Tactics for your booth session? I just wanna shout-out all the things I’m a part of: Bringing Down the Band, Heavy Gun, Cut Camp, Indiana, Indianapolis.

Other projects you’re working on: a solo project called Working Man’s Hip Hop. I also have a group project that I’m working on with some cats that I went to high school with called Section Leaders*. We’re also brewing another Hinx Jones project.

*note: yes, I asked- it’s a marching band reference.

Favorite Beer:

Names: Mr. Marz & Fenix. Together we are The Martianz.

ETA at lock-in: 9:15 p.m.

Have you been in the booth to record yet? Marz: No, not yet. Fenix: Precipitation is coming. Brainstorming a little.

Do you have game plan? Marz: Basically, I need to melt as many faces as I can, in the quickest amount of time. Fenix: Basically, got slip in like a ninja and just, you know, take ‘em out. Marz: Buncha ninja stars flying around.

Other projects you’re working on: Marz: Our newest mixtape Tippin The Scales: Needs. We’re dropping that sometime in April or May.

How do you want to be similar to, of different from, Grey Granite?

What does your lighter look like?

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