G-9 Collective Logo Design Contest

After 4 years, we feel it’s time our logo gets a makeover, and we’re asking for help.

Put on your design hats, perhaps a great ninja movie in the background, and start a pot of coffee – SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!

1. Put together a logo design you feel represents the G-9 Collective brand.

- Do your research. Check out the G-9 Collective Fan Page to get an idea what we’re about. Feel free to ask questions.

- It doesn’t HAVE to be a ninja, but we do like ninjas.

- Mojo “M” logo available by request. (We aren’t redesigning the Indymojo logo)

2. Submit your design via email: Matt@Indymojo.com

- Most file types are acceptable for the initial submission process. If we have a problem, we’ll let you know.

3. Once the submission process ends, we’ll display the top 10 images in a blog, for an audience vote, which will help us decide the winner. (Since it’s our logo, we’re going to have the final say)

Winner receives:

- $100 cash
- Mojo “God Pass” that gets you into all Indymojo 2012 Events!

Submit designs, questions, etc to Matt@Indymojo.com

** Submission Deadline: JANUARY 6th **

Evolution of the logo….

Fall 2008, Justin Hand

with the addition of the Mojo Logo