Futuristique: Where Techno Meets Burlesque

As we get older and come upon each new decade of life, we have to ask ourselves, “What’s next?” Without the evolution of new challenges and the promise of new opportunities, life can become uninspiring and repetitive. Accomplished DJ and producer Adam Jay has an impressive history of creating music, throwing parties, and making each year “better than the last.” So when his 30th birthday stared him in the face, he decided it was the perfect time to advance his ideas into the future.

“My birthday was the catalyst for a new SUBterror event, but I’m glad it developed into such a unique concept,” said Adam. “What better way to celebrate than by looking to the future?”

On Saturday, March 12, 2011, Adam will be celebrating his 30th birthday at The White Rabbit Cabaret during his newest collaborative event Futuristique: Where Techno Meets Burlesque. Promoted as “an evening of dance, music, and performance art inspired by the future,” the event will feature several DJ sets, a Live PA by Adam, and futuristic inspired performances by the burlesque troupe The Rocket Doll Revue.

According to Adam, the event was inspired by a fusion of ideas between himself and DJ Shiva. Having worked together and successfully thrown numerous parties in the past, the two decided the scene needed something new.

“Our collective, SUBterror, used to throw raves that were built around unique concepts,” said Adam. “They weren’t parties for the sake of parties like so many night clubs have become. There was always a message.”

When I asked Adam to sum up Futuristique in three adjectives his response, and message was clear, “Connective, Unique, Captivating.”

But the creative journey that produced this connective, unique, and captivating concept didn’t happen overnight. Even after Adam and DJ Shiva had booked “a real beast of a sound system,” Benji Ramsey’s VJ expertise, and even the venue at The White Rabbit Cabaret; the idea to incorporate burlesque still hadn’t occurred to them. It wasn’t until Adam happened to be at a Punk Rock Night at The Melody Inn that he was inspired by The Rocket Doll Revue’s performance.

“They had brought together burlesque and punk rock in such a creative and unique way that it just clicked,” said Adam. “We had our missing piece.”

The conceptual puzzle pieces were finally in place and the connections satisfied not only the duo’s new vision, but it also fell in line with Adam’s initial beliefs “of techno as a movement that picks up where the futurist movement of the early 20th century left off. It’s a soundtrack for tomorrow.”

Heathcliff from Ft. Wayne will open the event scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. with a DJ set. Solo and ensemble burlesque performances by The Rocket Dolls will take place throughout the night during DJ intermissions. Following Heathcliff will be another DJ set by headliner Angel Alanis, which will lead to Adam Jay’s Live PA performance, and finishing with DJ Shiva’s set.

“The flow of performances is designed to ease people into the concept and progressively get more intense as the night goes on. Angel typically plays a lot more funky than Shiva and I, and Shiva has always been a more cerebral performer.”

Adam and company hope the night will be enjoyed by a diverse crowd who are welcome to come as they are, or dressed up in futuristic themed costumes. He is also excited to see a blending of people who may be in to enjoy one aspect of the show, but end up also enjoying the other. And while the connections are in place for the music, there is another side of the picture just as important. Stay tuned for a continued look at what to expect from Futuristique as I explore the burlesque in my next blog.

In the meantime, check out the world of Adam Jay…..


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