Futuristique Review

As we get older it apparently takes longer to recover from an electrifying night such as Futuristique, which took place this past Saturday at The White Rabbit Cabaret. The show knocked the crew and me on the head leaving us all wanting more (even though it was technically 4 a.m. due to daylight savings) and essentially worthless the next day.

Walking into Futuristique, the eyes were immediately drawn to the visually stimulating set-up of the stage where the centered DJ station was covered by a large, semi-transparent drape that acted like a movie screen with VJ Benji Ramsey’s projections. Each side of the stage had two large, white canvas balls hanging from the ceiling also playing coordinated visual projections. The crowd was entertained with video clips of things such as a stop animation starring a metal robot with frizzy, white, torn cotton ball hair which reminded you of an old Tool music video; a woman dressed like a sexy, female Ronald McDonald repeatedly offering a cheeseburger; Chuck Norris in the center of a waving American flag; and fight scenes from old martial arts movies. To round out the atmosphere, multi-colored lasers pierced the sporadically shot-gunned with smoke air in lines and shapes that changed in unison with the flowing music.

French bistro-style tables and chairs formed an outline around the dance floor and stage. When we first got there, the tables were full and the dance floor was peppered with a few eager dancers. Heathcliff warmed up the crowd with his flowing rhythms that started out with a mellow groove, and progressed to a beat which compelled bodies to move. By the end of his set the dance floor was full of gyrating bodies.

Following Heathcliff’s set the crowd received a nibble of burlesque from The Rocket Doll Revue, headed by a duo of gold robots dancing to “Mr. Roboto” by Styx. The brief performances further energized the crowd as Angel Alanis took over and quickly shook the place back into hard beats of movement. By the time Angel Alanis’ set was done, the crowd was fully captivated and wildly welcomed the headlining burlesque acts.

Each girl took their beautifully choreographed dance routines, laced with a striptease, to unique levels with futuristic costumes and songs. Acts varied from multi-colored or glittered styles, to a seemingly crowd and personal favorite “Ghost in The Shell” looking costume used in the ending performance with the “Requiem for A Dream” theme song.

With the crowd connectively fired up, the show enthusiastically transitioned into Adam’s Live PA where he threw down a creative set of original music. Watching Adam was equivalent to watching a favorite band perform their hits live, with improvising done to turn out a unique experience.

And just when you thought you couldn’t take anymore, DJ Shiva took control and finished the night strong with a set that kept everybody moving, and even at 4 a.m., begging for more.

Overall, the party Adam Jay and DJ Shiva had in mind was executed beautifully. The combination of the visuals, music, burlesque, and intimacy of the venue created a unique energy with the crowd, who appeared to be constantly entertained and delighted. And even though it was Adam Jay’s birthday we were celebrating, it could be argued that it felt like it was everyone’s birthday that night.