OK— So I started reading the assigned chapter for my class (Anat & Physio), and realize the discussion on the aging process begins at 30’s!
This begins to have my thoughts drift far away from the text on the pages to questions pondering my age and my personal expectations of my life. I guess I always figured by the age of 25 I would have been married with children, employed, graduated from college, living in a house, and fulfilling all of the standard goals of a family and having the house with the white picket fence.
As I write this, I am a 30 year single parent, not married(no bf or anything), who is currently going back to school to completely change careers while working a job I am learning to despise more with each passing day. I was looking forward to purchasing a house in the Spring, but would like to hold off until I am done with school because once I get into Nursing School I will have to cut down to part-time employment. So probably not the best idea to buy a house that I wont be able to pay for when I am in my clinicals. Not to mention I currently have two Bachelor’s degrees(with student loans over $30K) and working on my third in becoming a RN. I am very excited and nervous about starting classes again. I mean being scared because I have been out of school for almost 5 years! YIKES! I definitely think I am more focused on school and working for the best grade possible.

Ok I am starting to ramble… back on the subject
My point is I read about how the process of aging begins with 30’s and that Women begin the decrease in fertility and move in to the group of being high-risk or increase the possibilites of having mutations with their pregnancy?!?! I mean seriously is it hard enough to be a single-parent going back to school but now I have to worry about all of this to??!