Frustrated like WHOA! heres why………..

I’m kinda stressing over this Training Program that I’m trying to put together for my company. I’ve been putting a lot of thought, a lot of work and a lot of research into this program. It really isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’m trying to put together a complete “New Hire” Packet which includes all of the nessecary legal forms that we as a small business/food services/ catering company are required to have on file for our staff.

Oh wait!! “Ashley Anne, can you put together a menu, type up the event order for CSX and then fax over a copy of the Hors d’oeuvres list to this number. Then I’m going to need you to pack the party for tonight, pick up food. Oh and could you work on this marketing project? Don’t forget you have a Dinner Buffet to work tonight! While you’re at it sign over your heart and soul and we may give you a raise, but don’t count on it.”

So I’m pretty busy with the stuff I already have going on. To top it off I’m hesitant to do too much. I’ve put a lot of energy into my past jobs, doing side projects making suggestions and never once have I had any type of positive feed back from any of it, never a thank you, never any appreciation. Its always been that way for me. Even in past relationships I give and I do. I’m really tired of nobody caring to even give me a simple thank you.

Here I am with a Cold Bird for a Boss. She runs her company with an iron fist and an even scarier frown. Sometimes she can be rather pleasant… but it isn’t often. For Mary to tell one of us that we did “ok” is saying alot.

I finally emailed her this morning while I was at my desk, ((which was maybe a whole 5 minutes)) and I told her that she and I need to sit down and talk about this program. So we shall see!! I actually still need to check my Outlook……

Do I tell her that I’m hesitant about doing this? I should mention that I’m actually supposed to have help with this from two other co-workers… And I’ve been the one on the phone with the Chamber, with our company Lawyer …..

Do I tell her my reasons? Do I go ahead and give it 110% of my attention when I’ve been burned in the past? I want to do this. It is something that needs to be put into place.

I really want to pull my hair out……