From Under the Rocks

I chose “From Under the Rocks” as my title for this blog, because I live in Southern Indiana, home of the Limestone Industry, called “The Limestone Capital of the World”.

Many buildings in Indy, Indiana University, many State Libraries and Capitol buildings, many buildings in Washington, D.C., as well as the Chicago Tribune and Empire State buildings were all crafted from stone quarried right here in Lawrence County.

I’m currently writing a book about “The Limestone Industry in Southern Indiana” I am also a fan of Rock Music, and am interested in the Native American Teachings of “The Stone People” and “Rock Wisdom”. My Screen Name, MsRock4Ever incorporates all these interests.

Most of my entries in future will be about effecting positive Social Change, as I would like to see this earth become a better place for all people on it before I die.

May you, dear reader, live in peace, with those who love you, enjoy good health and prosper every day of your lives.