Fright Manor: a decent, mid-grade scare

Fright Manor packs a lot of punch into what looks like a terribly small building hidden in the southernmost area of downtown Indy. The ultimate in traditional haunted housing- this attraction opts for clever, original scenes over newfangled tricks and gimmicks. With some of the most impressive animatronics you’ll see anywhere in the city, Fright Manor is ideal for anyone with an appreciation for great detail who is looking to be moderately scared and not physically touched.


Indy Mojo promotions director Matt Ramsey offers another honest evaluation of his experience:

This was a very traditional haunted house; Freddy Krueger and Jason both made an appearance. I think they made great use of the space, with lots of twists and turns. With this one, I found myself giggling more than jumping, which could be due to me being in the back of the group most of the time. I would suggest leading the way to maximize scare opportunities.

They could have made better use of the guys lurking above us- by jumping down or throwing things at us; I wasn’t sure what they were doing up there. There were also various doors in many of the rooms with no direction of which way to go. This confusion led to our group heading down the wrong path a couple times and we had to get redirected by the cast. This eventually allowed for the group behind us to end up in front.

Indy Mojo intern Gwen Wilson also ranks Fright Manor somewhere in the middle of her frightening experiences during the 2012 haunted house season:

I specifically recall walking into a haunted woods scene and jumping out of my shoes when a huge werewolf leaped out at us with ferocious teeth and red beady eyes. On a scale of one to five, I give this haunt a solid 3.5.  A lot of the staging had a DIY touch and it’s always fun to see what the locals are coming up with. The price was decent for the scare you get with it. 


Fright Manor

2909 S. Meridian Street

Indianapolis, IN 46225


Note: This review encompasses two of three attractions at Fright Manor. It was rainy the night that we attended and Zombie Alley was closed.