Friday the 13th

“Returning to the story that started it all, this retelling of the original Friday the 13th heads back to summer camp where a mysterious killer is systematically slaughtering the teenage camp counselors.”

Another movie remake…I had great hopes and expectations from this remake since it has been advertized that it was by the same people who did the remake of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, which I thought was just awesome (as far as remakes and horror movies go). And technically this is a remake of the second film in the series since Jason was not the killer in the first movie. I was pretty disappointed with this movie. Maybe I should have went into it with low expectations and I would have enjoyed it more. The movie was entertaining though, with the different ways that Jason killed his victims. I laughed a bit, while other’s screamed, haha.

The plot is basically the same as it’s been, Jason goes around killing random people/teens throughout the movie. Your basic horror movie plot including a lot of gratuitous nudity. The first 30 minutes of the film was just an intro…basically they give a small backstory of the movie showing Ms. Vorhees killing a couple of counselors and then Jason coming out of the water where he had drowned…picking up his mother’s machette.

The acting wasn’t the greatest, but then again it’s a horror movie…the acting is never the greatest. It actually wasn’t half bad for a horror movie. No big stars in the film so I was a little leary of how it was going to pan out, with “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” at least they had Jessica Biel right? lol

The visual effects of the film were awesome and pretty realistic. The way a few died could actually happen. There was a scene in the beginning in which Jason had tied up a girl in a sleeping bag and hung her above the campfire…pretty disappointing compared to the rest of the creative/brutal was Jason had killed others…and then when she had fallen out of the sleeping bag, she wasn’t really even that badly burned.

Overall…the film fell way below my expectations. But for a horror flick…was actually pretty good. It’s definitely a LOT better than most films I’ve seen and a HELL of a lot better than Jason X: Jason in space lol. This film, considering it’s a horror flick and aren’t always the best, I’m sort of adjusting my ranking system. I laughed at a lot of the death scenes, well because they were sort of awesome, wasn’t really scared during the movie, at all. A lot of the “jump out at you” scenes were pretty predictable for me. Although there were a LOT of jumpy people in the theatre, based on that…I’ll give this one about a 2 1/2. I wouldn’t pay to see it in theatres, but I could possibly rent it…maybe even buy it.

Until next time mofo’s…see you at the movies!!!