French Fry Freak-out

Okay, parents. I’m THAT mom. You know, I’m the one who only lets her kid have organic foods, nothing with added sugars or sodium, nothing processed…well, you get the idea. So, my dad came in for Thanksgiving, and we went shopping on Black Friday…and that’s when he teamed up with my 8 month-old, and together they broke down my defenses…and I lost the battle to the KING of fried foods…

So my dad, step-mom and I all ventured out with my daughter (8 months at the time) for an afternoon of shopping. The shopping was great, besides my dad making me spend like TWO HOURS in Dick’s in the hunting section. I mean, seriously, how many camo coats/vests/over-alls ARE there??? However, that’s not the interesting part of our Black Friday adventure.

Before we got our shopping on, we decided to have a nice lunch at Houlihan’s at Castleton Square. This place was SUPER fantastic in the service department and really dealt well with the challenge of a super-picky new mom with a GINORMOUS stroller. As all moms do, I came prepared with toys, high chair cover, and a bottle. What I wasn’t prepared for was my daughter’s distinct rejection of the bottle in favor of some other form of nutrition. Me being who I am, I ALWAYS have to forget something, so this time I had forgotten to pack the “puffs” in the diaper bag. This meant I had NO solid food for her to snack on and play with…and when my dad suggested…FRENCH FRIEs.


FRENCH FRIES?!?! Well, the screaming ensued…and so I gave in…and it was love at first fry :( So, this is when I learned a very important lesson: LIGHTEN UP! That, and sometimes you just have to improvise. She was definitely ready for “people food,” and I just didn’t know it because I hadn’t been adventurous enough. Since then, we’ve tried a variety of table foods, which she enjoys much more than anything I can give her in a jar. She’s FAR too independent and impatient to allow me to feed her from the jar anyway. So thanks, Dad, for making me realize that a french fry never killed anybody…And now Hayden gets a few french fries anytime we go out to eat :)