Freezin’ For a Reason at the Polar Plunge 2015

Fun Before the JumpThe 16th annual Polar Plunge at Eagle Creek Reservoir was a huge success this year as it always is. More than 700 participants were “Freezin’ For a Reason” as they jumped into a foot and a half of frigid ice water in 10-degree weather. $137,000 was raised to support the Special Olympics. And while the water may be cold, The Polar Plunge always warms our hearts.

Many jumpers dressed up in an array of costumes to show off their team spirit before taking the plunge. A few entered the costume contest that was hosted by Kyle and Rachel of RadioNOW 100.9. Contestant themes included Dunkin’ Donut girls wearing sprinkle-clad inner tubes, waddling penguins and hunky pharmacists from Walgreens. An intimidating zombie hunter fought his way to third place, our own Indy Mojo team placed second in their Super Mario getup while preforming a short skit. Taking the lead were the retired super heroes and villains of Gotham City, perennial attendees supporting Johnson County Special Olympics, who played the part so well that they were barely able to make their way on stage.

After the intense costume contest, participants were ready to take the plunge into the frigid reservoir one group after another. Jumpers sprinted out of the water after the dive searching for warmth and towels!

First time jumper and street team member Kaleigh Bowers talks about her experience when diving into the water:

“My first jump was amazing! When we walked up to the water and waited for the countdown, my heart was racing! As soon as they yelled “GO”, I was neck deep in the water. It definitely took my breath away, but the rush of adrenaline afterwards was totally worth it! My advice for first time jumpers is going to be the same thing my group told me: “Don’t panic about jumping in the water. It’s not the jump that’s the bad part… It’s the two hour wait before you jump.” My toes were frozen before I even hit the water.”

Polar Plunge 2015 - Mario CrewThe Polar Plunge won’t be back for another year, but it’s never too late to make a donation.

For video footage from The Polar Plunge, check out the latest episode of Mojo Minute below: