Free Your Inner Nerd!

These people are equally beautiful in our eyes.

While everyone is revving up for Mojostock today, we’re also getting excited for next weekend, which should prove to be a nerd’s pair-a-dice (get it? It’s a gaming pun!)

GenCon Indy kicks off on Thursday, August 4th. As the largest and longest running gaming convention in the world, GenCon is the perfect place to go if you’re even the slightest nerd. From old classics like Dungeons & Dragons to more recent games like Zombie Dice, there’s a wide range of products and genres to hook anyone.

At Mojo, we appreciate and celebrate the diversity of our members, and we want to share in the fun and entertainment that is GenCon with some of our nerdiest members. We’re giving away 4 free pairs of passes for the entire convention, from August 4th to the 7th, to the 4 nerdiest members on our site.

All you have to do to win is post a picture or a video of you at your upper limit of nerd. Are you a cosplayer? Then post a video of your favorite scene from Evangelion with you as Rei Ayanami. Dungeons & Dragons nerd? Show off your huge collection of dice and your version 2.0 core rule books. Maybe modeling is more your thing. Post a picture of your hand-painted pewter model of your nightelf druid, Preston. We don’t discriminate.

To participate, just login to your IndyMojo account and post a picture or video of yourself in the comments below. Then encourage your friends to visit and vote for your entry by clicking the green + sign next to your comment. The 4 leaders by Wednesday will receive tickets to Gen Con!

Voting will end Wednesday at 5pm.

I can’t wait for when we play this dungeon. Our DM is amazing!