FREE ALBUM: NightRiders – Passports & Paparazzi

Bob G. Barker presents the NightRiders album Passports & Paparazzi as a FREE download:

NightRiders – Passports & Paparazzi by The NightRiders

The NightRiders offer their take on “the life” with their debut album Passports & Paparazzi. The record opens with “Good Intentions”, a track about the aspirations of a couple young hustlers, and then turns towards a world of fame and fortune. Passports & Paparazzi features the four singles: Don’t Get Me Wrong, Jump Off the Planet, Roll It up, and One Day At A Time. Hope you have your passport read; it’s time for a trip with the NightRiders as your guides.

Bob G. Barker and Jam P. Astro formed the NightRiders in 2008 shortly after meeting in Indianapolis. Bob G. Barker was already a veteran of emcee of the group Knox Haven, so when he met Jam P., a producer and rapper, it was like planets colliding. Bob G. Barker is a master of the classic leisurely flow, and Jam P. Astro has the perfectly complimenting quick tongue. The pair seamlessly transition between the club and the street.

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