Franz Ferdinand: Tonight

Flying low under the radar for quite some time is Franz Ferdinand. After producing one of the best songs of 2004 in “Take Me Out”, their self titled debut “Franz Ferdinand” put them on the map. Standout tracks on this release would have been “The Dark of the Matinee”, “40′”, and “Auf Achse”, in addition to “Take Me Out”. Signature sounds are driven by solid basslines, keyboards, and guitar work that screams. Their sophomore album, “You Could Have It So Much Better”, while decent, failed to build upon or even match the sound they produced in their first release. The finished product could only be compared to a hodge-podge of songs thrown together with no balance or flow throughout the album. Most definitely a disappointment for 2005.

Four years later, Franz Ferdinand is still around hidden away from the whirlwind of success they immediately received. “Tonight” is their first release in four years, and it appears time has given them the opportunity to focus on creating a signature sound that immediately identifies them to fans, and most importantly, themselves.

“Tonight” has great flow. While horrifyingly short (checking in at just over 42 minutes spread over 12 tracks), each song lends itself to hard driven poppy basslines, screaming guitars, and keyboards that cause you to move with the music. One exception is the track “Katherine Kiss Me”, a track star-crossed with “No You Girls”. A different side not heard on any of their prior releases, “Katherine Kiss Me” is a soft, acoustic ballad. “Lucid Dreams” is an interesting track that starts as standard fare then somehow transforms into industrial. “Dream Again” is a very down tempo track, with a clearly defined bassline and goes so far as to include a sound that can only be compared to the triangle. THE TRIANGLE.

Overall, “Tonight” is a solid album, and earns itself a 4/5. Franz Ferdinand proves with this album they are not a “one trick pony”. Standout tracks include: “Ulysses”, “No You Girls”, “Live Alone”, “Can’t Stop Feeling”, and “Lucid Dreams”.

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