Fork the Recession and dine out!

No matter your age, gender or financial status, nearly everyone is giving something up in an effort to cope with the recession. An overwhelming 82% said that dining out would be easy to abandon. Discounted menus at mid- to high-end restaurants suggest restaurateurs are finding ways to entice customers back. br>
According to the NRA, 75% of customers said they would support full service restaurants more frequently if they offered discounts for dining on less busy days of the week. In a Restaurants & Institutions 2009 New American Diner study, approximately half of Americans say they are taking advantage of restaurant coupons or special deals more often.

Restaurants from quick-serve to fine dining are responding with discounts to lure diners. Local restaurants are following this trend by creating their own discounts on three course meals, multiple dinner deals, and beverage specials.

To assist consumers find specials, the Indiana Restaurant Association is helping restaurants spread the news about their specials by listing details on the IRA website and several social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

Lets face it, people need to eat, and sometimes we like to treat ourselves and eat something a little above and beyond the normal fare. Even in recessionary times, consumers can only hold off for so long before they eventually give in to at least SOME of lifes temptations and finer things.

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