Forever Eight-

This Monday past I was in LV to help Yevla move some of his stuff to his new place, anothere friend of ours helped also & his strong arms & truck were both quite handy. I got to Yev’s early & since we had to wait for Ilex (for once) I told Yev I’d be outside waiting b/c there were some leaves out there that really needed scutting about & I was just the person to kick their colourful, leafy asses.

Poor man.. he looked @ me with COMPLETE puzzlement furrowing his brow & a look of total perplexity in his blue, blue eyes.

I said, ‘What, you never get out and scuff and kick and play about in the fallen leaves? Whyeverfornot? HellOooooo… This is WHY they fall, so we can PLAY in them!

He just closed his eyes, shook his head & softly closed the door while muttering to himself about how his friends are all Kooks and ol’ SparKy had done lost her damn mind.

I didn’t care.. I just went out and had FUN.

I scooted and scuffed and kicked and cavorted about in the millions of leaves covering the street where he lives-

I pushed them into piles and rolled about in glee-
I rummaged thru them like a huge rodent in search of cheese-
I gathered arm fulls and tossed them high as I could and dashed about in their colourful descent, twirling like an elderly, broken ballerina as they fell gently about my head and shoulders touching me in their soft whispery ways…

I cared not whom saw me,
I cared not that I am almost 48 yrs old, too old to play,
I cared not that I shouldn’t be playing in the street,
I cared not that there was a cat watching me who most likely thought me quite a bit whackadoo,

I cared not that I probably AM a bit of a whackadoo….

I wanted to play in the leaves yesterday like I do every autumn and so I did for these leaves called to me, nay they beckoned and sang to me to jump in and enjoy them and I had to answer their call…

I would have taken my shoes off and bipped about in them barefooted but this WAS a city street & I was cautious for who knows about broken glass or other things that may require my toes to have stitches.

(were I @ home, I wouldn’t have had shoes on in the first place) :P

Later, Ilex pulled up while I was batting the leaves about the curb w/a couple of sticks and skipping thru them giggling & breathless..

He too, just stood there, wearing the same expression Yelva had on his face, looked @ me with leaves sticking in my hair & asked where Yevla was, I told him & he shook his head @ me as he was walking away to Yev’s apt. I just went back to my autumnal frolicking.

I love that man dearly but you know… I wish he’d learn to let his ‘fabulouss’ hair down, lighten up a LOT, remember how to play, he needs the very giddy-ness and laughter of that play, and he needs to learn how to BREATHE and giggle more at life and himself, because it isn’t ALWAYS supposed to be so *F*ing serious. Tis much too short for that.

Later on he told me that ‘Playing in the leaves is for 8yr olds’ after I’d confessed to him that I SO loved doing it and looked forward to it every year.

I looked at that (younger than me) man sitting in my car wearing his ‘Grumpy Old Mouldybear Man Suit’, (which I Soooo wish he would take off now and then) & I said, “But you know what.. inside? I will ALWAYS be 8yrs old.

He said, ‘Unfortunatly, this is very true.”

I told him, “Nope, as I see it Estaban, it is unfortunate that you are not.’

I rolled down the windows, waved goodbye to the leaves and off we went to lunch.

~ Someone asked me once if I thought I’d live long enough to ever go thru a second childhood like most people do-

My response was..

Second Childhood? Pfffft..

I won’t have time for a second childhood in this life, for I am not yet done with this one.