Flippin' the script with Bit Flip

Native of Ohio, Mark Naegel (aka: Bit Flip), is one of the “newbie’s” to Mojostock this year. Anxiously he is waiting to unleash his brand of electro-breaks on the masses of this year’s festival. Being a “gear head” of sorts he knows the ins and outs of most equipment, allowing him to play any medium.

“Whether it’s DJing, making music or coming up with new ideas for pieces of gear, audio is in my head 99% off the time”

…What is your background as far as electronic music is concerned?

“I first got into electronic music early on in high school, but never really experienced the scene until I was 18. From my first party in Columbus called “Afterlife” I was hooked. I decided that night that I was going to be a DJ no matter what it took. After getting my first setup, practicing, and playing my first show out I realized it wasn’t just some half-hearted dream, it was a part of me. I’ve been at it ever since and haven’t looked back.”

…Why breaks/electro house?

“When I first started DJing I got into breaks because I really liked a lot of the Florida breaks sound of early-mid 2000s. Over time I started playing more breaks with an old school funk feel because I just got caught up in the slap bass and filtered guitars and it was really danceable and straight up groovy. Now I’ve shifted into electro breaks since they have a gritty edge to them that is perfect for the b-boys and b-girls to break to. As for Electro House, I always loved the pounding of a 4/4 kick and with similar sound choice to electro breaks. It’s a no brainer. What really makes the two meld so well is being able to swap basslines in and out from 4/4 to a broken beat and back again.”

Next Era: Special Teams Unit by Bit Flip

…What separates you from other Dj’s?

“I bring a unique blend to the tables both musically and in stage presence. I specifically try to play new music that not many people are hip to yet to try to get new artists out there. Every set is fresh, and every time it’s got a new twist to it.”

…How did you come up with Bit Flip?

“When I started DJing I was in school for computer engineering and wanted to come up with a name that really represented who I was. I’m a techie who loves music and we’re well into the digital era with DJing and everything else. Seeing as this was the case I was throwing a few nerdy names around and Bit Flip came up. I thought this was perfect since it had a ring to it, and all things digital are represented by 1’s and 0’s. It’s all about flippin’ bits!”

…What medium do you use/prefer, and why?

“I’ve always been a fan of turntables whether playing on vinyl or using a DVS. I really like the connection between myself and wax. I’ve played on midi controllers and CDJs plenty of times, but just don’t get the same experience, especially when scratching.”

…What experiences have you had with Indy scene and how do they differ with Ohio scene?

“I’ve played in Indy a few times over the years, but the most recent was still a couple years back. I always have a great time when I come to Indy though, everyone is really nice and I have quite a few friends there so that’s always a plus. As far as the difference between the two, I can’t really say since it’s been a while from the DJing standpoint, but I can say that I’ve heard Indy kids are much more critical than Ohio kids so I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

…What do YOU expect from Mojostock?

“I’m really open to see what Mojostock is all about since I didn’t get to attend last year. I’m expecting to hear a variety of sounds some of which I’ve never heard play live before, meet a bunch of cool new people, and get a bit tighter knit with the Indy scene in general.”

…What do you want the Mojostock crowd to take away from your set?

“Number one is knowledge of some new tunes; if you have a question on who did what song, ASK! I want the crowd to walk away with an exhausted look on their face from dancing so hard they can barely stand.”

Serious Business by Bit Flip

Someone new, bring his brand of electro breaks to the stages of Mojostock for his first time. Im ready, are you? While your writing your list and checking twice, check out his fan page and schedule some time for Bit Flip.

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