Flag Football Leagues

Hey everybody! We are starting Flag Football Leagues at Midwest Sports & Social Complex. There will both men’s 5v5 all-passing leagues and co-ed 8v8 with a minimum of 3 women on the field at a time. The leagues will start the week of July 18th. The registration fee is $45 per player and that includes a jersey. Registration is due by July 11th to receive jerseys in time for the first games. Whether you are looking to just grab a group of friends and have a good time or compete at a high level, there is a league for you. The competition levels will range from novice to competitive. You can register a full team, as an individual or as a group of friends. If you don’t have enough to field an entire team, I can add other players to complete your roster. For the men’s league, the minimum number of players is 8 and for the co-ed it’s 10. The minimum age limit for the league is 14 but players under 18 will need to have written parental consent. There is still 3 weeks until the season starts so call and register as soon as possible. Call (317) 875-8833 or email flagfootball@midwestsportscomplex.com.

Hope to hear from you soon!