Five Minutes with Deer Tick

Deer Tick

Deer Tick

Looking for something a little different to do this Friday night? Maybe you’re aching for some tunes with an all American feel? Perhaps an alternative rock vibe with an americana twist? If so, the Deer Tick concert at The Vogue should be right up your alley. They are co-headling with fellow rockers, The Hold Steady.

Know for their versatility and penchant for a boisterous show, the Deer Tick guys are hitting the road to promote their fifth studio album, Negativity. Bassist Chris Ryan was kind enough to share some words with us at here at IndyMojo. Here’s what he had to divulge:

MOJO: It has been said Negativity (the band’s most recent effort) has a darker tone than your previous ones, how has this affected its reception?

Christopher Ryan: I’m not entirely sure. I hear much more about the intentionality of the record, that we’ve became more mature, and more deliberate with Negativity. I haven’t heard much about the darkness, but there are a lot more people crying at our shows now. Every once in a while an audience member will give us a note explaining how our sad songs have helped them weather sad times. I guess the answer to your question is “Well.” The record is being received well.deer_tick-negativity-500x500

MOJO: What factored into this album’s darker tone?

CR: People crying at shows. We tried to capture that essence in the new record. And our own tears, both shed and unshed. It’s why the record is so salty.

MOJO: You guys are known for your rowdy performances, how has this newer material affected the energy levels at your recent shows?

CR: I’d say it’s the same level of energy, more focused, perhaps. We can cry at shows with as much moxie as we can laugh or scream.

MOJO: What has been the biggest challenge when playing a concert sober? Why?

CR: I’ve never had a particularly hard time playing sober. Sometimes you’d rather be drunk, but it’s fine to be sober.

MOJO: What can fans expect at your show in Indianapolis?

CR: We’re trying to organize piñatas into our set. I’m not sure if we’ll have that perfected by Indianapolis or not. We will definitely have a panel discussion and Q&A. There will be an “intermission” during which we’ll be showing a different Buster Keaton film while Rob plays incidental accompaniment. If there’s time leftover we might play some Deer Tick songs.

Deer Tick and The Hold Steady

The Vogue

6295 College Avenue

Tickets – $20.00