first mojo experience: halloween and mushrooms

about 12:02 AM Thursday, officially the day after Halloween, but about time for the freaks to start coming out. Halloween is still on until the sun comes up as far I am concerned. this is my first mojo post and all and i dont want to make a big deal about this but ate about 3.8 or so grams of some gourmet mushrooms about half an hour ago, and they are starting to digest (if you dig), and I have been sitting here trying to decide if it was a good idea to go or not, but then i remembered the original idea which was just that it would be cool to take a trip on halloween night, so i did it, and here we go. It sucks that I’m to late to get a orange armband with which to identify myself, but i guess it will be kind of obvious who you guys are. And off I go tripping into the night, to find who knows what, but looking forward to meeting ya’ll anyway. Tomorrow, if we happen to meet at Landsharks I’ll be the dude that said he was from Mojo but didn’t have an arm band and seemed to have some sort of mental disability, come to think of it maybe that would not narrow it down very much, it probably is unlikely to meet a non armband mojo member who is slightly out of their mind other than me. I need to get out of here, and to there. peace.