First Friday Art Walk, February 5th, 2010

First Friday Art Walk is always a great way to get out and see Indy in a different kind of scene rather than bars and clubs. 2010 is kicking off with the first Art Walk sponsored by, an organization dedicated to supporting artist, galleries, and art lovers of the sorts. This is a great event to meet tons of new people as well as see some really impressive artwork, and who knows, possibly to buy it?

The major locations for the artwork are Fountain Square, Stutz Building, and Mass Ave. If you want a chance to see a mofo out and displaying artwork at one of the many galleries on Mass Ave, you can come visit me at the Art Bank! Since there is already an event going on downtown, why not kickoff your night with some culture? Hit up Mass Ave, and you can still kick off your night right with some gallery hoping from 6-9 and enjoy some amazing food, alcohol, and social life at one of the many bars/pubs/restaurants. There really isn’t a good reason for you to miss this great event!

Definitely hope to see you all out on Friday night!


PS Art Bank is located on the corner of Mass Ave, St. Clair Street, and College Ave. There is a parking lot right next to the building off of St. Clair ;)