Fired Up

“Nicholas D’Agosto and Eric Christian Olsen headline this teen comedy concerning two high-school football players who attempt to avoid another summer at football camp by becoming cheerleaders. Out on the gridiron, Gerald R. Ford High School students Shawn Colfax (D’Agosto) and Nick Brady (Olsen) are star players. But summer is drawing near, and this year neither Shawn nor Nick can stomach the prospect of spending their sun-soaked months lunging at tackling dummies and getting berated by their coach. Fortunately, Nick has a brilliant solution to their current dilemma: sign up for cheerleading camp and spend the summer surrounded by gorgeous women. But head cheerleader Carly (Sarah Roemer) can see right through them, and when Shawn falls head over heels for her, their genius plan hits an unexpected hitch.”

This movie totally seemed to me like it was going to be along the lines of “Bring It On”…but no…it was much worse than that. It reminded me a lot of the old 80’s movies…ya know…like Porky’s? I was pretty disappointed…this film was only rated PG13…for one…I think if it was rated R it would have been much funnier…for two…with the content of the film…I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting a 13 year old watch it…a lot of sexual innuendos and cursing.

The plot of the film, like I said, reminded me a lot of those bad 80’s movies. Two guys get bored with playing highschool football and also bored with sleeping with every chick at their school…so they get this hair brained idea to go to cheer camp with their highschool cheer squad so they can “bone” all of the 300 girls at the camp. Blah blah blah…I mean it is a pretty simple plot really.

The acting was different…the two main actors seemed to WAY OVER act their parts, whereas the rest of the cast were very subpar. As I was saying before…also bump up the rating to R…add some gratuitous nudity and a few more expletives and you have a much better movie. I mean don’t get me wrong…there were a few funny scenes here and there that made me smile and considering the audience they were trying to reach with this film (say 13-19 maybe) it probably would be pretty funny.

Overall, I just didn’t enjoy the film…maybe I have different taste. I’ll have to rank this one a 2 1/2, but that is totally basing it on the audience they were attempting to reach with this film…basically highschool kids. I wouldn’t pay to go see this at a theatre…maybe wait for video.