Finally I am finished

What up my mofo’s, been a while since I have wrote a blog. Usually my blogs have to do with places I am at and some pics I have taken. Well for good reason I haven’t been able to do that for a bit. As some of you may or may not know I started training for Captain upgrade about 2 months ago. It truly was the absolute most stressful, tiring, mind blowing, exhausting and toughest thing I have ever been through professionally. It started with 2 weeks of pre-studying at home and a 100 question ATP written test. I also had to go get an updated 1st class medical examination. Then I had a week and a half of ground school which consisted of 8 hours of class a day followed by 6-7 hours of studying throughout the night (15-16 hours a day in the books). During this ground school we took several written tests and ended this wonderful experience with a one on one oral examination with the Feds. This lasted almost 4 hours of straight questioning in a all different sorts of knowledge points. Gladly I can say I passed it!
Next I was sent to Montreal for 2 weeks for simulator training. This was an extrememly stressful situation. You get 6 sim sessions with an ATP Type checkride on session 7, which by the way if you mess up just one thing on the checkride (flipping a wrong switch) you fail immediately. The sessions are meant to bring you to the brink, test your decision making skills, test your stress levels, test your captain authority and test your flying skills in all sorts of situations. Only if you pass all 53 levels of tests are you then recommended to take the checkride. My checkride lasted about 2 hours and went extremely well, thankfully! At this point when I passed I was then considered a Captain.
The next step was to do 25 hours of OE (online experience). What this is, is basically flying the line with a line checkairman who sits First Officer for you and supervises you and guides you during real world experience. I had to do this in 2 different aircraft because I am typed in 2 aircraft. This has all gone extremely well. Last week I had to take a line check with my company which is basically an on line checkride where a company checkairman sits jumpseat and watches you fly a leg of your trip and critiques you at the end. After this I had to take an FAA observe ride with the Feds because they like to watch the new captains fly before they are released on their own. This also went well, except there was bad weather that day at my destination and I had to hold and shoot my approach down to minimum conditions.
But after all this testing and such not I have been completely signed off as an airline captain and I must say I am extremely thankful the training is over and has been passed. Now I can go about my life and my job like usual again.
Well thanks for all of you who decided to read this lengthy little blog about my last 2 months. I just thought I would brighten some light on what I have been through recently

Till next time