Final Blend at Tru

Sometimes two beings notice attractive elements in each other. They explore their shared goals and interests- ultimately hoping to find enough commonalities that it makes sense to begin fostering a relationship together. Sometimes, though, those mutual ambitions begin to shift over time and move in different directions, causing the relationship to suffer. When the involved parties no longer support and encourage each other or when they are no longer aiming for the same target, it’s also no longer healthy or beneficial for either half of the relationship. Natural attrition of relationships is commonplace and, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t always have to result in bitter feelings and emotional distress. Sometimes, rather than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and expend endless amounts of energy to make it work, it’s best just to cut ties and move on.

The concept applies not just to romantic relationships, but also to professional connections; not just interactions between people, but also between organizations and businesses. It’s some form of this classic story that’s to blame for the recent announcement of the final Blend at Tru.

Blend at Tru started a mere 10 months ago, pioneered by local electro-mashup DJ Matt Allen who saw much success by filling a void in Broad Ripple night life. “I really enjoy the drive and energy electrohouse beats bring to a song and feel this type of music brings an energy to a dance room like no other genre,” Matt Allen said in an interview with NUVO last November. “Having said that,” he continued, “I also realize that a lot of people really aren’t interested in just listening to beats without the ability to sing along or recognize the song. At Blend ‘elctro/mashup’ brings the two together by putting driving basslines behind songs that are easily identifiable.”

The free weekly event provided a new alternative for Indianapolis residents seeking an environment where the focus is on music and dance, not drinking and hooking up. Blend offered a safe haven for girls and their friends to get loose on the dancefloor without the hassle of fighting off creepy strangers trying to get a quick bump-and-grind. The venue itself was a perfect host for the event with ample room for dancing, multiple levels to support two DJ sets at once, and a plush VIP lounge. The music was invigorating, danceable, and- most importantly- original and stimulating.

“Club music, at least the kind Blend is trying to promote, is not pure EDM but it also isn’t what you hear all along the strip in Broad Ripple,” Matt Allen recently told me in a phone conversation discussing Friday’s final installment of Blend at Tru.

But apparently, Tru Nightclub is content to follow in the footsteps of those bars that crowd the sidewalks of Broad Ripple Avenue. They want to serve the college kids who go out on Friday night to get shitfaced, make fools of themselves, and go home with random people. They want to be a bar (perhaps, then, they should drop the “Nightclub” from their name) and they want to play top 40 all night.

Returning to my opening paragraph, sometimes what was a good idea in the beginning eventually runs its course and needs to find new direction. Such is the case for Blend at Tru. Despite the sad news, Matt Allen maintains a positive outlook and is thankful for the experience. “Physically and logistically, Tru is perfect for what Blend is trying to achieve- which is club music for club people. Unfortunately, ownership sees the venue as more of a bar than a club and intends to go that direction. It just wasn’t going to be a good fit for either of us. I appreciate the time I was allowed there and I think, considering the various obstacles Blend had to hurdlle, 10 months is an excellent run.”

Sad that Blend at Tru is ending? Don’t be. The brand is here to stay and Matt Allen tells me Blend will relocate as new monthly event downtown later this summer. He’s also got big plans for the near future and hopes to leverage off the support he’ll gain as a new member of Remix Network.

“I gained a lot from the time spent at Tru,” he says, reflecting on the experience. “In having to produce so much content to maintain the sound I was wanting to give to our supporters, I began to network with other artists doing the same thing all across the country. One of the co-founders of Remix Network, Adam Brown (DJ A.D.), will be here Friday to perform as part of the final Blend at Tru. He has sold over 40,000 remixes worldwide and has been locked in as a top 10 producer of virtually every remix retail site in the country for quite some time.”

In addition to maintaining the momentum Blend has garnered over the last ten months and working on new productions as part of the Remix Network collective, Matt Allen is also working hard to prepare for upcoming performances at Mojostock, Oranje, and the Indy Mojo IDentity afterparty.

But first, he’s going to throw one helluva party one last time at Tru Nightclub and we hope you’ll be a part of it. Blend has built a strong following of dedicated patrons over the last ten months and this Friday, Tru is sure to packed with lots of familiar faces.

So put on your dancing shoes and come support local music… and a fellow Indy Mojo mofo.