Festival of Life – POSTPONED!!

To: All involved with Music Evolutions’ Festival of Life
From: Matt Phillippo (Production Manager)

I, first and foremost, would like to thank you all for your interest in being involved with this great cause! As you may already know, I had to change the location of the event several times since it had been scheduled; at its original location in Fortville, Indiana. I had gone to the AMVETS Post 26, located in Pendleton, Indiana to inquire about using their land for the event. Sunny Harris, the gentleman in charge of the post, was extremely nice, and very willing to work with us by donating the land for us to use.
To be courteous, I informed the Chief of Police about when and where the event was going to take place. He was also very nice and willing to work with me on this. His only concern was whether or not I needed to acquire a permit to hold the event on this property. So, I went to the Town of Pendleton to find out if I needed one to operate. Mike Guard, the building commissioner of Pendleton, assured me that; being that the AMVETS is private property, I did not need a permit to hold the event there. At that point, I was under the impression that I had taken all of the appropriate steps to make sure that we were clear to promote the event for this location. So I did.
Less than two weeks ago, I received a letter from Rob Williams (Assistant Planning Director of the Town of Pendleton), stating that the AMVETS’