Featured Artist Debut

Friday, June 4th is going to be a huge day for me. On this day I will be making my very first Featured Artist appearance at the Art Bank during the First Friday Art Walk. During this featured spot, I will be unveiling my new series called “Back To Natural”. This will feature some of my old naturalistic paintings, but a lot of new ones.

For me this is one of the biggest events of my life. For years I dreamed of being in a gallery, and now that I’m in one, and to be the featured artist for the month is definitely a dream in the making. I’ve had a lot of support of the years and I’m really hoping that I see a lot of Mofo’s on June 4th. I haven’t shown all of you all of my new stuff yet, but I’m sure you all will be surprised how fast I’ve developed (Thank you Boston for noticing that!).

Here is the background on my “Back To Nautural” series:

Casey first started painting in 2002, learning the basic techniques by practicing floral painting. In college, heavily influenced by Wassily Kandinsky, he began a journey of abstract expression. His first series, “Color In Motion,” was a study of vibrant colors juxtaposition against soothing shapes, which led the eye on an intriguing journey across the canvas.

Fast forward to 2009. Casey found his way to The Art Bank, where he was inspired and motivated by new artists, new styles and new surroundings. He reconnected with his original passion for the art that surrounds us. Natures art. The time had come to re-explore this natural art, the landscapes, botanicals and all things found in nature. “Back To Natural” is the culmination of this exploration.