Feair Fair: Where Your Worst Nightmares Come To Life

fear fair silent hillWhen I interviewed Nightmare on Edgewood co-owner Kevin Cook, he vouched strongly for Fear Fair’s top-notch production and high scare intensity. Indeed, Fear Fair’s props range from an early encounter with a colossal prehistoric monster to an alarming run in with Pyramid Head and nurses from Silent Hill.

Fear Fair is equipped for a large crowd with winding wait lines that are thoughtfully adjacent to an elevated entertainment stage and a food booth conveniently accessible from your waiting line. It might take a minute for your turn to go, but we promise your wait is worth it.

Unlike many local haunts offering combo tickets for multiple themed attractions, Fear Fair is one single haunt, but it’s so damn good you won’t need to seek anymore thrills… if you even make it out alive.

Read these three questions from Fear Fair’s FAQ page to get a feel for their attitude and approach to operating their haunted house:

Q. Is it scary?

A. Is that a serious question? This is not your grandma’s haunted punkin patch. We deliver an intense, gut wrenching experience.

Q. If I get scared and can’t make it through, do I get my money back?

A. Are you serious? You paid to be scared. One time this chick called the cops because she said she was scared and we wouldn’t quit scaring her? What a moron.

Q. Are the monsters allowed to touch you?

A. Oh hellz yeah. Our monsters will scare the crap out of you and they might touch you, but you won’t be groped or hurt.

fear fair

puckA true nerd’s dream, Fear Fair features multiple genres of horror from TV, movies and video games. Each section of the haunt was crafted meticulously from the ground up to create an authentic experience relevant to whatever theme was in play. The hand-on experience was clever and tasteful; I wasn’t expecting a zombie to jump out and bite me until it was too late.The production value is among the best I’ve seen so far. [Spoiler Alert] This is the haunt for you if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, Silent Hill, Friday the 13th, Saw, Nightmare on Elm St. or The Shining. – Brandon

erin-perkinsThe hour and half trip from Indianapolis to Seymour was well worth it, as they not only have great production, but they are also all about the fear factor. Using different themes from scary movies, they make it all too real with props and production. Things you think are fake suddenly come to life and the zombies “bite” and grab here too! – Erin



brandon-faulknerThe production and talent that goes into this experience is really second to none. Non-stop scares, well-planned surprises and terrifying environments are only the beginning in this place. Certain areas are movie-themed and not just in a reminiscent way—they are basically living, breathing recreations of the movie/show/video game’s sets. I wish I wasn’t so scared-shitless in parts so that I could have slowed down to take it all in.

The actors and actresses really get kudos from me here. Timing, intensity, persistence… everything was well-executed and scary as hell. The zombie attacks were seriously intense… nowhere you could run was free of hands reaching out to grab you. Having to literally toss a zombie off my back before it bit me is an experience I’m grateful I’ll never have to deal with in real life. – Brandon

morgan-faulknerFear Fair was hands-down the best haunted house I’ve ever been in and absolutely worth the drive to Seymour – I’m even considering going again sometime before Halloween! You can sense the high level of dedication (and the high budget) when you notice the attention to every detail, even before entering the haunt. A skeleton Alice Cooper-esque karaoke entertainer, various props and building façades all set the tone while customers wait in line.

It’s clear that Fear Fair’s goal is to completely immerse you in the terror; there were no hokey, cheesy props or long, meandering trails or mazes between scenes – in other words, it didn’t feel like a haunted house, it felt REAL. This haunt took us directly from one terrifying scene to the next, many of them were familiar – like their amazingly accurate recreation of The Walking Dead jail and courtyard to the shit-my-pants-scary nurses and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill.  – Morgan

Fear Fair

800 A Ave E, Seymour, Indiana

Dates & Hours

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General Admission: $20

Fast Pass (WORTH IT!): $25