fast paced balls…

When most think about competitive sports, they often think of professional “american” sports; football, basketball, and golf (kidding). Well this past summer, and rolling over into the fall, I have come to fall in love with yet another form of competitive sport. First of all, I managed to maintain some sort of responsibility with the Mofo’s for kickball. Towards the end of the season we were feeling it, we wanted the championship. (That back fired after game 2 of the playoffs). As we all left towards the Monkey’s Tale, we didn’t have our heads down in shame, rather, we knew we didn’t want this form of sport to end.



Yes, we have (hopefully) all seen the movie. How the Average Joe’s came back to be the heroes and how Vince Vaughn got his woman.

Who wouldn’t want to live that life. Well, that’s what the Mofo’s are trying to do now. Bring some passion for Obscure Sports Quarterly and have an absolute blast.

People laugh at me for playing these odd competitive sports, yet I see a sparkle of jealousy in their eye. That twinkle is coming to life tonight. Our first game. We might be a little rusty, but I am sure by the end of the season we will be such a tight knit team that we will at least get “bondage” team of the season. Maybe not bondage, bad word to use.

Regardless. I want to see people support us even if you are scared of balls flying at your face. I want to see excitement when we win our games, and a pat on the butt when we lose (tell us, “you’ll get ‘em next week)

Tonight is the first game. 9pm. Lifetime Fitness. We already showed CCA sports our kickball attire and team unity, let’s bring out something even more passionate when we get there tonight. Let us show them, not only are we funny, creative, and gorgeous, but we can also kick major ass on the court.

Let’s take one for the team!

GO Ramrod!