FACE lends a hand

FACE is not without their fair share of animal tragedies and abusive encounters. Every week FACE treats animals suffering from neglect and cruelty; however, at the end of every tragic story, an animal survives from the heroic efforts from FACE.
Take the story of Josie, a lonely, abandoned and abused dog found discarded on the steps of FACE Clinic. After careful inspection, it was found that Josie had a bullet in her left jaw and was in frail condition. Painfully, Josie struggled to survive from this horrific incident and held fearlessly onto the life that she had. It was in the caring arms of FACE Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic that helped her heal. The bullet was removed, and Josie was sent into recovery at the FACE Clinic.
Animal stories like Josie’s are too prevalent in our community, and it is frustrating to know that some individuals can act so cruelly. There is a great need for Indianapolis singles to find companionship in an animal that may have once been abused, neglected, or simply dropped off at a shelter. What can we do to prevent animal abuse? Do you own a pet that was either abused or neglected? We would love to hear your stories.