exhausted, but satisfied.

First of all, I just want to thank anyone and everyone that came to my opening last night. Granted being out till 11, and then waking up to work at the bucks at 3:50am, I was a bit tired. (but it was definitely all worth it) I was nervous about having such a first friday show, because I am not the “typical” artist. I might think completely out of the box, but I never really considered myself one of those talented ones. Ha! So, I got to the gallery early, finished setting things up and then welcomed people with open arms. :) The main highlight of the evening was when Hup and his crew emerged from a giant cock. No not a penis, but the Chicken Limo. Everyone of my friends asked, “Molly, you actually know those people?” Yes, yes I do. Very well. So with their mighty red cups in hand the gang came in and had a peak of what I was showing. It was a blast to laugh with them, made it feel so much less “arty”.

There was another artist showing with me, he was a nonstop talker. He went to go get drunk somewhere during the show and came back wasted complaining about how horrible our public transportation was. He said you ever live in the suburbs with no car. I said I live in the suburbs, and when my car has ever been in the shop, I just borrow one. He didn’t like the fact that I was a smartass. He also was mad that I was a die hard Colts fan, because the new stadium took all of the transportations money. Hmmm… Then my BFF Darci, who is on mojo (friend her, shes cool) and Smooth went to Starbucks, got free crap because I guess they like me there. Laughed a bit, then headed out. Bed screamed my name, so I could wake up at 3:50am and head out to work. Needless to say I am dead as a door nail, but it was totally worth it.

My work will be up all month I do believe, if anyone is dying to see it that missed out on the first friday, let me know. For those who came again, thank you. It means a lot!