EXCLUSIVE RELEASE: "Slaughter The Audio" by Freddie Bunz & Grey Granite

Here is the formula: 2 art class grime rhymers (+) crunchy bass heavy dupstep dee jay (+) Electric Art by technodrome1 (x) hiphop (/) dubstep = Slaughter On The Audio


Slaughter on the AUDIO (Electric KoolAid Experiment) Grey Granite & Freddie Bunz Mixed By Ed Trauma by ElectricKoolAidExperiment


Freddie Bunz & Grey Granite are “The Electric Kool-Aid Experiment.

*Freddie Bunz

Hip-Hop / Dubstep /Electronica

Indianapolis, IN

Freddie Bunz (born February 29, 1984) is an American musician, producer, visual artist, and founder of statusLIFEstyles. His most recent musical project is the electric kool-aid experiment, a dubstep effort, which first gained attention with its debut single “the mushroom house” in 2011, before its full length release in September 2011. Bunz has cited his influences as LCD Soundsystem, C-Rayz Walz, The Flaming Lips, Aesop Rock, Figure, Modest Mouse and Daft Punk. He attended schools in the central Indiana area. Bunz was a member of Alien Invasives from 2002 to 2003, G13 from 2003 to 2004, and currently is featured on heavygunblog.com. In 2010 Freddie Bunz signed on with Suncycle Ent. to contribute to a collaborative effort with the Bronx legend C-Rayz Walz, entitled From the Soil to the Soul. The album features production by SoCalled, Vans Beatz, and Dayweed.

*Grey Granite

Electro / Rock / Hip-Hop

Indianapolis, IN

Over the past couple of years, Grey Granite has consistently distinguished himself from other vocalists by perpetually reinventing his style and jumping on anything that catches his interest. Starting with his legendary Amplifies the Killers project to his recent immaculate album Lust Poisons Pride, Grey has been one of the few artists in the Midwest to successfully go left and follow his sonic dreams. His creativity has recently garnered the support of Kick Kick Snare, Ruby Hornet, Loyal KNG, Noise Porn, Nuvo, and Musical Family Tree and several other media outlets. Now with his partner J. Brookinz, the duo have launched Heavy Gun Recordings and are beginning next portion of their journey.





You can check them out THIS THURSDAY at The Mousetrap for their Album Release party! No Cover! Free CDS! They are performing the whole album.