Exclusive FIGURE Interview With Track Hound

Indiana born and raised Josh Gard AKA FIGURE, has made a great impact on the EDM scene in just over the course of this year. He has mastered the sounds of electro, dubstep, and is called by some the king of drumstep. With four major releases, countless collaborations and tons of freebies he cannot be stopped. His newest EP Monsters Of Drumstep Vol. II was released on his own label DOOM MUSIC, having multiple tracks in the top 100 in it’s first week on Beatport.

Coming from the small town of Evansville, IN, FIGURE claims the reason for his focus and drive is purely due to the fact of the boredom one faces in a small town setting. Dropping free tracks on a constant basis and always being ready to release another EP has ensured that people all around the world have heard his sounds.

Latest free release from FIGURE “Dominate”
Figure – Dominate (Original Mix) by Figure

Figure has stage presence that can only be described as “Monster-ous”. The crowd is supremely engaged on just what he might do next. Not only are his production skills on higher plane, his DJ skills are sky high. He is always full of surprises. I witnessed his show in Covington, KY, and when he slammed the crowd with “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, the audience went bonkers.

Video of FIGURE dropping “Cut Throat” @ Beta

Even though he is extremely busy as of late, FIGURE was gracious enough to sit down and answer a few questions for me about his life and career in a brief interview.

TH: Tell me about what got you into this scene originally and how you started producing?

FIGURE: I started making hip hop and instrumental beat music when I was 15 or 16 and slowly just started digging darker dance music more, it felt natural.

TH: What made the Drumstep genre so appealing to you?

FIGURE: Its sounds like hip-hop to me and to the audience it sounds like dubstep, so it’s win-win. I don’t only make drumstep but, that’s what caught on most I guess.

TH: Where did the idea for the monsters come from?

FIGURE: It’s all really based on what I do in my free time. All I do when I’m home is watch horror films/show and order horror memorabilia stuff online.

TH: What is your favorite horror movie of all time?

FIGURE: The first House On Haunted Hill with Vincent Price.

TH: It seems you have been producing music on a constant basis and touring, tell us does Figure ever get sleep?

Figure: Luckily, I was a night owl before all the touring started . I sleep about 3 hours a night to be honest. As I mentioned before my spare time is just watching movies and relaxing with my lady. Most of the time while I am “relaxing” I’m still working on music even though I always have a allotted time for that as well.

TH: What’s next for FIGURE and DOOM MUSIC?

FIGURE: Just more prime time fresh music for and from myself and the label. DOOM MUSIC will get its full launch come December. We haven’t really pushed the label yet, only the first release.

Figure will be in Indianapolis with The Killabits this coming Monday, November 21st in the new Amber Room venue located in the basement of the Old National Center downtown. When asked what Indy should expect to see at the show his response was “Tons of new stuff and some slick foot tapping from my beat up dress shoes.

Be sure to come out to see FIGURE if you are in Indy this coming Monday or any of the other stops on the “Tour Of Horror”.


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