Example: I want Projekt Revolution Tickets!

Here is an example of a blog that you could post as a way for you to potentially snag a pair of tickets to tonight’s Projekt Revolution. Post up a blog with the band that you want to see the most and you could win a pair to the show!

I want to go check out the Project Revolution show so that I can go rock out to my favorite simple-lyric’d band Linkin Park. They not only have simple lyrics that I can sing over and over, but they also have lots of screaming in each of their songs so that I can get crazy every time that I hear their songs in my car while Im driving to my acconting job.

I want to go rock out tonight like I’ve never rocked out before, and Linkin Park could definitely help me do that. I like them so much that I would give up my first born just to give the lead singer a high-five…seriously.

So, please give me a pair of the tickets and let me go and get my Linkin Park on today!