Every Third Turn of the Spoon-

I measure the ingredients & add them to the softened butter in my huge silver bowl. Using the wooden spoon I mix and blend and stir and fold the nuts, the flour, the sugars, soda, spices and such into cookie dough & I smile as I stir, remembering to think thoughts of love & friendship with every third turn of the spoon.

I’ve flour on the floor, flour in my hair and I dont’ care one bit.

I like baking and baking cookies for friends and loved ones is always best for cookies are simply baked smiles and smiles are meant to be shared both with strangers, and those we hold dear and I can bake up boxes and boxes of sweet, sweet smiles.

I drop the dough in small, sweet, lumpy globs upon the parchment paper and then pop them in the oven to bake.

I watch as they slowly spread out and brown to become delicious bites of goodness that my friends will really like.

I like baking. I like to bake goodies that make others smile inside.
I dont use recipes very often, (except for my jams & those are MY recipes) but for the most part, I consider them to simply be ‘suggestions’. I’m always ‘tweaking’ a recipe b/c I like to play with my food & sometimes I come out with winner items.

Cookies are one of these I do well.

I take them from the oven, piping hot and pretty & let them cool into chewy/crispy rounds & then place them carefully in a box for transport.

and all the while I ponder the fact that while I am unable to share as much of myself with any one person in my life, not right now, not completely, not really, no matter how much I might want to, or crave to or even at times, hurt to; I can’t, and really it is all right for I’ve nothing of value to offer any one at this point in time other than myself and that just isn’t enough now is it?

Not Really.

Oh, I have friends I share me with, my children & other loved ones but to share the whole of me with some one?


Romantics may think oneself is enough, but sadly, I live in reality & it weighs much more than romance. It isn’t enough, not for any one & I can’t/won’t expect someone else to settle for less than what they also deserve to have in life and that is a whole person, with a whole heart and one able to accept theirs without question, without doubts, without a cargo hold full of personal issues and without having that need to always looking over their shoulder for that other shoe to be pitched their way.

So while I can’t share ME… what I can share are my cookies & other tasty items from my heart & my kitchen & in doing so, I am sharing not only my passions for cooking but also, Im sharing a part of myself, one cookie at a time, one pastry at a time for everything I make is baked with love and unlike flour, sugar, spices & herbs-

Love is one thing I have an endless supply of.

Seems no matter how much I stir into a batch or two of cookies, there is always a full supply in the crooked pantries, dusty shelves & hidden drawers of my heart b/c it just replenishes itself magically. I just scoop out a bit and add it to every recipe and think it with every third turn of the spoon.

Because unlike the song, it really isn’t just a spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down, love adds a lot more to the bizarre and hodgepodge mixture of life if you ask me.

Sugar IS sweet… but it is Love that makes the world go round.

So, I bake it into my food and I hand it out in the shape of those cookies which most likely arrived @ their destination inside one of those white ‘SparKy Boxes’ as Just A Chick has dubbed them.

The boxes are free.

It is the baked goods inside that cost but what they cost me is nothing more than the wonder of how many dozen cookies does it take before I realise that it is not what I am bringing to the party that counts, it is the smiles and hugs and love I get from those I adore in my life that love me whether I have in tow a ‘SparKy’ box or not.

I like to bake and I love to bake for those I care for in my life.

If you have eaten any SparKy cookies, whether they weren’t as good as you wished they were or perhaps even better than you imagined, remember they were baked with lots of love found in the broken bits of her heart and it is only an unbaked smile from you in return that she ever asks for & is ensured of this by thinking thoughts of love with Every Third Turn of the Spoon-