Epileptic suicide?

Sorry its not a new emo song by Dashboard Confessions. It is much worse.

Popular epileptic drugs Neurontin and Novartis are widely used for epileptic seizures with some success. Recent research has started to show that these drugs have some nasty side effects. People taking these drugs are twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts and are unadvised for people with depression or anxiety disorders.(Makes you feel trusting when personal friends are prescribed this medication for non-epileptic conditions and have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.)

But that is not the alarming part, the alarming part is as follows. These drugs have been highly pushed via drug companies to treat symptoms and conditions that they were never intended to treat. For instance my personal friend mentioned earlier was prescribed the anticonvulsant for numbness in the arm. These anticonvulsants are also being prescribed for headaches, bipolar disorder, and general nerve pain. And this advertising was going on during/after the studies were showing the suicidal tendancies linked to the drugs. And it even gets better.

“Last month, a Boston jury found Pfizer guilty of improperly marketing Neurontin. And in January, Novartis said it would plead guilty to violating U.S. laws relating to potential off-label marketing and promotion of Trileptal.”

These drug companies will be fined and told not to behave badly again. While the patients prescribed these drugs for the wrong disorder, run the risk of suicidal thoughts and tendancies with no proven benefit of the drug.

The initial treatment use for these drugs probably have benefit, ecspecially for people with epileptic seizures causing everyday/weekly daily living difficulties. The unproven use of this drug for other disorders is easily outweighed by the side effects, but that line of thought doesn’t put money in the drug companies pocket.

So in closing when given prescriptions, always be aware of the side effects and if needed do your own research on drugs, prescription and over-the-counter, and weigh the benefits and risks.


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