Elite Force Invades Altered Thurzdaze

Review: Altered Thurzdaze w/Elite Force @ The Mousetrap Bar & Grill 10/8/12

There aren’t a lot of electronic artists with as much talent as Elite Force. He truly is, a force to be reckoned with and a very special treat to have in Indianapolis. That’s why I journeyed to The Mousetrap for Altered Thurzdaze on November 8, 2012. Elite Force masters his realms of electronic music. Being regarded as one of the best break artist worldwide. His music also features components of house, tech house, techno, and bass-driven warehouse music. His musical mastery, in connection with his selective choices for dates in the United States, made it even more essential to attend this event.  For example, Elite Force only scheduled six dates in the US, with every show except for the Indy Mojo event located on the East and West Coasts(Los Angeles, Baltimore, San Diego, Orlando, Indianapolis, and San Francisco). He even played at the famed Burning Man in the past. The very notion of him allowing for Indianapolis to witness his music was remarkable. As I entered The Mousetrap that evening I grew increasingly excited about being a part of something very special. The artist on stage was L810c, a local electronic artist, and no stranger to Altered Thurzdaze. He was blasting out beautiful break music, and perfectly preparing the crowd for the main act. I grooved to his beats as I watched to flutter of the crowd.

 The vibe of the crowd was special, an aura which has made Altered Thurzdaze a staple for local electronic music fans. Everyone seemed to be on the same level and fully understood how special Elite Force was going to make this evening. The energy increased as James B. and Jeremy Daeger treated the crowd to a special 2X4 set, which featured both local artists’ crisp break beats and fun stage presence.As their set was coming to a close, Elite Force began preparing on stage for his set with the crowd in front of the stage growing by the second. It was almost time.After a short break, Elite Force took the stage and quickly showed me what the hype was all about. Quickly spewing out popping beat breaks with explosive electro-house energy. Within seconds he had the crowd raging to the masterful sounds he was producing. His set continued with the crispest breaks I’ve heard from an electronic artist in a very long time. His musical mastery was equally matched with an energetic and positive stage presence. He smiled and bounced around the stage, fueling off of the energy of the crowd. Elite Force was perfectly producing sounds of high energy, with funky hip hop mixes, allowing him to perfectly time the breaks and supercharge the crowd. Most notably, charging the crowd by mixing in well-known artists like Jay-Z with his high energy to create the perfect flow. Fans wailed as Elite Force continued to build the energy and drop bass with precision and perfect timing. Rarely does an artist make me groove so hard and snatch the life out of my legs in such a remarkable manor. Normally, I can gauge when the beats are about to drop, but not on this glorious evening. Elite Force continued to have me guessing the entire set and I very much like it that way. Sometimes electronic artists are somewhat predictable in the beats they produce, but not one time did the sound he produced seem predictable. He had created sounds which created one of the funnest dance parties I’ve been a part of at an Altered Thurzdaze event. He was fully delivering what the crowd needed on this special night. 

As the set began to come to a close, Elite Force kindly thanked the crowd for the magical night. He was everything electronic artists should attempt to become; a producer of insanely good sounds and well-crafted beats, a fun and connected stage presence, and humbleness towards the fans who make it possible. I was euphoric as I exited the venue for fresh air and he was was the reason for the elevated mental state. Elite Force is an artist I hope to see again. Hopefully at another Altered Thurzdaze. Definitely a must-see artist for any fan of electronic music. Elite Force set the bar high for future Altered Thurzdaze performers, which will surely be raised with even more amazing acts like LTJ Bukem, MC Armanni Reign, and Phutureprimitive coming to Altered Thurzdaze in the upcoming weeks. Elite Force exceeded everything I hoped for that night. Leaving I and others wondering how he did so with such precision and ease. I truly enjoyed being a part of such an awesome evening. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss the next opportunity at Altered Thurzdaze to be a part of something so special. 


Photos by: Aaron Lingenfelter of Wide Aperture Images

Words by: Alex Toy