Electric Forest Interview: Prymativ

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I kept a close eye on the Electric Forest Mixcloud contest that awarded a 30-minute timeslot at the festival to one lucky DJ act. Although my fingers were crossed for our own DJ Hollowpoint’s mix to be the victor, I was genuinely excited for Denver-based (but Midwest bred) duo Prymativ’s win. Colby Severine a.k.a. Mr. MoDabs and Michael Hunt a.k.a. Inner Chi (from Indianapolis and Detroit respectively) sat down on Friday at the festival to gush over the support of their fans, to talk about the experience of entering and ultimately winning the Mixcloud contest, and (of course) to share their best camping tips with me.

MOJO: So how did you first get together and start making music?

COLBY: Twitter, I think, was how we first started talking.

MIKE:Yea, it was about Rothbury, the first year. It was one of the topics that was really popular on Twitter, and that’s what attracted me to it. I feel like they were one of the first ones to popularize the hash tags and since I wasn’t able to attend, that weekend I was glued to my TV, watching iClips, and just really involved. It was the first festival in Michigan.

MOJO: Were you still here?

MIKE:No, I was Denver. So I was doing all this from afar and following all the social media. I swore I wouldn’t miss it after that year and I came to Rothbury the second year and now both Electric Forests.

MOJO: So, did you move out to Denver together?

COLBY: No, I moved out to Denver two years ago in September. We had actually talked quite a bit on Twitter before I even moved out to Denver and then we met up, hung out, and started figuring out we had common interests and both made music and it just kind of went from there.

MIKE: It was encouraging. At the time I didn’t really know many producers and I had been making music for a long time that was just abstract and no one really was meant to hear it. It’s nice to have someone to bounce an idea off of that actually knows what they’re talking about. You play a track for a friend and they’re like “Oh, I love it! It’s great!” (laughs) So, I actually like to hear, “This track suuucks.” It’s refreshing to work with someone. I feel like a lot of producers, whether you know it or not, actually do work with people.

Prymativ performs at Electric Forest; Photo by C-Style Photography

MOJO: Do you play out a lot?

MIKE:We haven’t booked at any official venues. We played a music festival two weeks ago and until then we’ve really just played our friends’ after parties and house parties and basement parties. We have an elaborate network of people and we’re both pretty active in social media. Our friends who are into EDM have been super supportive and without them we wouldn’t probably be half as encouraged to continue doing what we’re doing.

MOJO: And they all came out for the festival this weekend?

MIKE: Yea, they’re all here. Our friend sent away for a blown-up picture of our logo and wrapped LED wire around it; that’s our rage stick. (all laugh) I didn’t even know he did it, but I saw it at the security checkpoint when they all got out of the car and he was like, “aw, dude, I got something for you.” (all laugh again) It’s been really, really overwhelming. Without them, we wouldn’t be here talking to you.

COLBY: Probably between Mike and me and our camps, we have 60 people. And those are just the people we came with. I know they’ve told friends and I have more friends that I’m not camping with that are coming out.

Prymativ’s Electric Forest crew

MOJO: Tell me about the entire experience of joining the Mixcloud contest and eventually winning it.

COLBY: Going back to our network and our friends- it was really a big outpour of support. It came together well. There have been a few things for us that I think when they come together we know and that was one of those things. When we walked away from it we were just stoked about it; just really excited.

MOJO: And then then whole voting and listening window?

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MIKE: (laughs) That’s actually a really funny story. I was under the impression that the deadline for the contest was April 28th and it was actually May 28th. So on April 26th I called Colby and said, “We have two days to get this done.” So we spent six hours on a Saturday and we picked out tracks, put it all together. And I feel like that pressure was what influenced it. You know, pressure creates diamonds and that’s what came out.

We submitted it and just sat there and refreshed and refreshed and watched the plays rise and it was like this whole momentum, ball-rolling thing. Every time one of us would post it, we’d get five, six, seven shares. So between us posting it from our pages and the band’s page and our friends sharing it, it just spread. And it again goes back to the fact that without our friends, we wouldn’t be here.

MOJO: I’m collecting camping and community living tips for Camp Tip-for-Tatt as part of the Ultimate Camp Contest that I entered with my friends.

BOTH: Right on. So did we.

MOJO: You did?

MIKE:We’re Ladybird Rainbow Puke.

MOJO: Cool. Well, since you guys are camping and staying for the weekend, do you have any tips to add to the story?

COLBY: Dry ice.

MOJO: We did that the very first year I went to Bonnaroo in ’08.

COLBY: It keeps everything dry and cold. It lasts all weekend. Just make sure you crack the cooler every now and then or it’ll blow up.

MOJO: Yea, my friends engineered a hole in the back so the air can escape.

MIKE:You can actually make a really good air conditioner that way. If you get styrofoam coolers and cut a hole in the top and put a battery-operated fan in the hole, then cut a hole in the side for a PVC pipe.

MOJO: That’s tight. Is that your tip?

MIKE:No. I learned that from someone. My tip would be to make sure that the people you’re with are solid. Regardless of supplies and everything else, if you have a core group of people that are good, then everything will come together. I picked up friends form Florida and from Colorado at the airport that came with one bag and they were worried that they need to go shopping. I was like, “Everyone has three of everything that you need.”

Photo by C-Style Photography

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