Electric Forest Interview: Big Gigantic

Big Gigantic are on an exponentially increasing fast track to the top of the livetronica world. That world is also dominated by summer music festivals, which is why they’re currently making their rounds across the country stopping at all the major events along the way. Since the Colorado duo’s history in Rothbury, MI (home of The Electric Forest) is nearly as long as their history as a performing group, they made special efforts to stay the entire weekend for guest appearances with other artits, to hang out with friends, to take in some music, and (of course) to close out the festival on Sunday night. Somehow, they managed to find a few minutes to sit down and chat with me about their come-up, playing late-night shows at festivals, and to share some camping advice.

Photo by C-Style Photography

MOJO: How did you get started, and when was the tipping point for Big Gigantic?

JEREMY: We’ve always been kind of growing. We started four years ago. We had lived together before that and DOM got a computer at one point and started making beats and it just kind of went from there.He asked me to play with him and we kept doing our thing- the electronic thing, but with instruments and improvisation. It’s just been this crazy ride the whole time.

DOM: It’s weird because when you start down here [gestures low to the ground] you’re like, “Man! If we could do that!” then you do and you’re like, “What the fuck?!” Then again you [raise the bar and] say, “Man! If we could do that!” and it keeps building. Even this summer has been a tipping point. Each year we’re like, “This summer is gonna be insane! This is gonna be the summer!” and then we’re like “Oh, shit! This summer is actually gonna be the summer!”

MOJO: Right. For example, you were here to play last summer, and now you’re back to close out the festival this year. And you’ve been hanging out around the festival all weekend; I saw you playing yesterday.

JEREMY: With Cherub.

MOJO: And Break Science.

DOM: Yep. We’ve been here since Thursday. But we’ve been to this festival every year so we come hang out.

JEREMY: We were here for Rothbury, and now Electric Forest.

DOM: The first time we played here, we actually closed out the festival on the Tripolee Stage at the second Rothbury. That was like, our first festival gig we ever did.

MOJO: What’s your favorite thing about playing festivals, as opposed to club shows?

JEREMY: It’s great playing outdoors. We’ve done sets on the beach. We’ve done sunrise sets. We’ve done sunset sets.

MOJO: How do you keep it together and play with so much energy at sunrise sets?

JEREMY: It’s adrenaline, for sure. There’s definitely points where you’re like, “I need to take a nap.”

DOM: When you’re on tour sometimes by day five it’s like, “I might be a little bit tired right now.” But you know, it’s playing music. So once you start getting the blood flowing…”

JEREMY: Yea, once you’re on stage you’re good to go. But leading up to it and all that waiting around when you don’t play till three in the morning it’s like, “Okay. If I’m gonna party…”

DOM: Sleep till 10.

JEREMY: Yea, and party until about 12 and then start sobering up. At festivals, people are just so ready to rage and see music and have fun. And you get all these new fans and friends that you know; it’s just a great vibe. Good feedback from the crowds, which are usually bigger. It’s so much fun to play for these massive crowds. You look out and it’s just like, “Holy shit. There’s so many people.”

MOJO: I’m collecting camping and community living tips for Camp Tip-for-Tatt. Being the big stars that you are these day, I don’t expect that you do much camping at festivals?

Unless otherwise stated, photos by Wide Aperture Images