Electric Forest 2012: Day Two

Continued from Electric Forest 2012 – Day 1

Friday opened with cooler temperatures, a steady breeze, and a partly cloudy sky that passed through sun occasionally but kept it shaded most of the day.

Soul Rebels

The Soul Rebels performed two sets on Friday- an early afternoon show on The Forest Stage and a second one later that evening in Sherwood Court. The eight-piece brass band had the honor of waking up the forest with their funk to prepare its dwellers for another day of music and dance. Stilt walkers towered above the crowd of early risers as they danced around the perimeter in elaborate earthy costumes. Everyone was down to groove.

Nearing the end of their first set, The Soul Rebels tossed beaded medallion necklaces into the crowd, a nod to Mardi Gras and their New Orleans culture. They closed with a cover of The Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” featuring subtle but effective dance moves from the front line of horns- even rocking hips and marching in place.

Stay tuned next week for an interview with Soul Rebels where they talk about performing in the streets in their native New Orleans, playing at festivals, and more.

Break Science

Break Science (a Brooklyn-based electronic duo) paired with Chali2na (the deep-voiced rapper best known for his contributions to Jurassic 5) was a refreshing twist on both electronic and hip hop music. A balanced mix of groovy lyric-free electro coupled with songs featuring 2na’s distinct rapping made the hour-long set fly by in a whirlwind of dance, funk, and even a little womp.

Bonus: Dominic Lalli, producer and saxophonist for Big Gigantic, surprised the crowd with a special appearance during one of Break Science’s songs.

Photos by Wide Aperture Images

Camp Tip-for-Tatt

As part of the Ultimate Camp Contest at Electric Forest, my campsite has been collecting camping tips from visitors to our home base. Take a look at some of the best tips we’ve found so far:

Tommy & Kate from Nashville, TN: don’t stress if you forget something; make friends and ask a neighbor.

Michelle a.k.a Machete from College Park, MD: bring something to sell or trade; the barter system works.

Courtney a.k.a. C-Style from Indianapolis, IN: use cooler water for a refreshing face wash.

Alley from Terre Haute, IN: put baby powder in your hands and run it through your hair to soak up the oil.

Anna & Kathryn from Chicago & Milwaukee: Sharing is key. Don’t be shy; no one here is shy.

Johnny Rebel Rebel from Chicago: pack your clothes in a trash bag so they stay dry if it rains.

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